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Are there any Zed archive material hoarders out there?
Do you know anyone who has collected any form of Zed history?
Could be posters, recordings, memorabilia etc….
Are they willing to loan it to Zed for our Exhibition in August????
(part of our 35th Birthday Celebrations)

Please contact Dan Callaghan at danc@4zzzfm.org.au and let him know what you’ve found.
All precious things will be returned to owners.

Also our new program schedule has begun! Download the guide here



Hearts of Gold #3 is the latest installment in Bleeding Heart Gallery’s highly successful series of group shows. Focussing on local and emerging artists Hearts of Gold seeks to provide support to both Brisbane’s burgeoning art community and local charities. The Hearts of Gold #3 opening night is Friday 5th February with all bar profits heading to the 193 Club which helps homeless people in Brisbane. The exhibition runs until Friday 19th February.

Jackson Jackson are headed back to The Zoo on Friday 12th February. Catch them with special guests Mama Kin. Tickets are $27.25 + BF and can be purchased from www.thezoo.com.au

Saturday 6 February, Chamberland will headline their first Brisbane show of 2010 at The Zoo, in the Fortitude Valley with locals 1989, The Royal Artillery and New Manic Spree.

Sweet Dreams Valentine Day Boat Cruise! Sweet Dreams will be launching their 7″, supported by Chinese Burns and Narwhals. Sunday Feb 14th leaving from Kangaroo Point. See the 4zzz website events section for all details!

They Are Spies performing live on Tuesday 9th of Feb at X&Y Bar with Rob Robot & Jessiah Cocks. From 6.30, $5 or free for 4ZZZ Subscribers!

Pale Fire will be playing their last show with The Swamplords, Velociraptor, and The Frail Marys at Browning Street Studios in West End on Saturday 6 February. There will also be ART by Sandi Darling and Hayley May Ward. BYO, $8 cover charge.

Blonde on Blonde launch their debut EP Tease at the Troubadour Friday 5th of February. Supports from the Strange Attractors and the Judy Dolls. Tix $8 presold and $10 on the door.


Wiya! Angela Pamela

Newsbite: Wiya! Angela Pamela

The Little Sisters Collective vs the Super Raelene Brothers have released their debut single, WIYA! ANGELA PAMELA, as a cry for help in their campaign against to protect Northern Territory Indigenous Communities against the proposed Angela Pamela Mine.

The mining site is located 10KM from several Indigenous communities and will be situated on top of Alice Springs precious water supply.

Musician Basil Schild told Brisbane Line that they want community radio stations to garner support for their cause through the power of music.

Community elder, Christobel Swan, says, “we are worried about the health of our children. if something goes wrong, white people can go back to wherever they came from, but where are aboriginal people going to go? this is the only place we have.”

The song is sung in luritja and western arrarnta with a smattering of english, across a deep funk groove.

You can order the CD and a support pack online at www.superraelenebrothers.com.au or call 4ZzZ and request the song.

https://i1.wp.com/www.4zzzfm.org.au/images/uploaded/LanewayFestival.jpg https://i1.wp.com/www.4zzzfm.org.au/images/uploaded/ComicSans.jpg https://i0.wp.com/www.4zzzfm.org.au/images/uploaded/MumfordandSons.jpg https://i0.wp.com/www.4zzzfm.org.au/images/uploaded/TheXX.jpg

Review: Who is St Jerome?
The patron saint of translators, librarians and encyclopedists sure puts on an epic laneway (ahem – ‘exhibition ground’) festival! With a myriad of bands librarians would no doubt really dig, our first impression entering was the style du jour: ladies must wear cut-off denim underpants, or ‘shorts’ as the wearers attempt to pass them off as. If you’re a fellow, sartorially roll your jeans up to just above the ankle and throw on an excessively baggy muscle tee.

The first act to command our attention was Daniel Johnston, clutching a mandolin against his familiar bulk, and strolling through his uniquely endearing lo-fi ballads in a noticeably stable and even happy way – a treat or long-time fans. Meanwhile, Mumford and Sons wooed audiences with number one hit ‘Little Lion Man’. Following which half their crowd absconded… After that it clicked – the music isn’t why most people go to festivals, one really goes only to draw attention to oneself by dancing absurdly whilst pretending to be high.

We’d barely managed to awkwardly avoid that barrel of fun when Black Lips from Atlanta, Georgia stole our attention.Their ambitious, engaging fuzzy grunge pop had them perched between Beastie Boys and Beatles, complete with slightly choreographed GuitarHero dance moves and an old school style which got the kids frothing. ‘Bad Kids’ left smiles tacked on our faces, and heading to the bar we had the eery realisation that it was exactly where they cage the prize chickens at the Ekka. We were soon astounded by a second realisation – it’s quicker to actually leave and pee at the Jubilee than to wait in the kilometres-long queue. Where we did, however, manage to catch the closing strains of majestic Melbournites the Dirty Three, and their wordless, grandiose anthems.

Our festival-induced grievances faded when Eddy Current Suppression Ring burst forth with their loveable brand of garage rock. We were immediately disturbed by vocalist Brendan Suppression’s apparent desire to make wildly passionate love to guitarist Eddy Current – who seemed uncomfortable. Interestingly, Suppression wasn’t as keen on the bass player (touring woes?). Only a DJ was still going when we departed, and after a long evening we were mostly left pondering whether or not the celebrities would actually go to the official after-party at the Embassy, or have their own celebrity after-party.
By Ili Tulloch and Emma Carroll. Photos by Lucy Iveson

Flashback: Take a look at some of our old newspaper ads!




Sub outlet: Artland
Feeling under-stimulated? Do you have a creative beast inside you that needs to be calmed? Artland specialise in providing the means to quell the artistic monster within. Stocking all manner of art supplies the team are also pros when it comes to digital printing and framing. They?ve also burst into the furniture business and now stock some rather exclusive pieces that are worth a look.

Check out www.artland.com.au for more info if you’re that way inclined, alternatively, they can be found at 4/272 Moggill Road, Indooroopilly, and are a proud supporter of 4ZzZfm.

http://dearcalliope.files.wordpress.com/2009/08/wolfman.jpg Diana Krall

Giveaways: Wolfman
Inspired by the classic Universal Pictures film that launched the legacy of horror, The Wolfman reclaims the myth of a man whose curse transforms him into something less than human. Lawrence Talbot is lured back to his family estate after the disappearance of his brother. Reunited in crisis with his estranged father, Talbot sets out to find his brother…but discovers an even more horrifying destiny for himself. Starring Sir Anthony Hopkins, Benecio del Toro, Emily Blunt and Hugo Weaving, The Wolfman is in Cinemas February 11. Head to www.wolfman.com.au for more info.

4ZzZ has 20 double passes to a special preview of The Wolfman to give away. The screening is at The Regent Cinema in Queen St Mall on Wednesday 10th February at 6pm. To win, hit reply and tell us how to kill werewolf. Winners must collect their prize from the station by Tuesday 10th February.

Diana Krall
Tune in to the 4ZZZ Jazz Show this Sunday for your chance to win tickets to Diana Krall who will be performing with very special guests Madeleine Peyroux and Melody Gardot at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre on Wednesday 3rd March. In a world first, Grammy award-winning pianist and singer Diana Krall will be joined on her tour across Australia and New Zealand by the sublime talents of Madeleine Peyroux and Melody Gardot.

To see these three incredible artists all on the same bill is an extraordinarily rare opportunity and one that will be embraced by music lovers nationally. Tickets still available for purchase from Ticketek.

Tune in to the Jazz Show every Sunday from 9am -12noon this month for your chance to win! For more information: http://www.dianakrall.com/


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