CD Review: Wipedoubt


This Old House

Wipedoubt have created a background album. An album that you put on when you want music, but don’t really care about what is actually playing. The music is ok, influences like The Doves, Widespread Panic and Something For Kate among others. But I am having to force my ears to listen hard to try and catch the lyrics. I don’t mind working for my musical pleasure, but please don’t force me to try and decipher the lyrics. That just becomes painful.

Maybe they just wanted no-one to be able to understand what they were saying. It is shoe gazer music after all, and that it is supposed to be deep, dark and emotional and contain all sorts of melodic man moaning. But shouldn’t I be able to understand what is being moaned about?

It makes me want to read the lyrics so that I can try to understand the emotional content in the songs. But why should I have to read anything. It is the bands job to make me feel what they are putting forth, and take me to the emotional place their music is coming from.

Maybe the singer needs to enunciate better so that we can understand him. Maybe they need to bring the singer out more in the mix.

To many maybes.


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2 Responses to “CD Review: Wipedoubt”

  1. Joel Says:

    Hey there 3ply,

    Thanks a great deal for taking the time to listen to the CD and offer an honest opinion. We appreciate the feedback a lot.

    It was recorded at home on budget gear and mixed by myself and our bassist Tom (our first real mixing experiences) so the recordings were never going to be world-class.
    It was mastered, but could only be polished so much and we couldn’t afford to include lyrics with the CD due to printing costs.

    There are lyrics on our myspace however if you ever so wish to understand/decipher their meaning 🙂

    As for the singing/ enunciation also, we’re all still learning our craft so it’s a work in progress, but appreciated nonetheless.

    We are currently working towards a 4-track EP recorded in a an actual studio in 2 or so months so keep an eye out and you will be able see the difference for yourself if you like!!

    Thanks again,


  2. 3ply Says:

    Hey Joel,

    Led the Zeds know when the EP comes out and I will have a listen.
    If the passion is there the out come should be good.


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