Howdy Zed-Zed-Zedders. Just a coupl’a reviews from the big’ol’box of new music in the 4ZzZ Music Department. To whit:

Yeasayer: Odd Blood (Spunk).
– I never actually listened to the first Yeasayer album (everyone
looks at their shoes in silent embarrassment). I’m given to understand
that this second release is significantly less fey and otherworldly
and substantially more dancey and ready to get down with the kids,
some of that old Yeasayer weirdness lingering like frosting around the

The Souljazz Orchestra (Strut / Inertia).
– Just because you’re white and Canadian doesn’t mean you can’t make
some damn funky afro-beat.  In a world where there is substantially more funk revival than you are having hot meals, of a quality which might make you believe everyone is snorting the powdered essence of Bootsie Collins (serious long-term side-effects), this is still more respectably funky than most. Go Canada.

Remember, music snobbery is everybody’s responsibility, please listen discriminatively.

The Triple Zed Music Dept.


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