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Find it difficult to meet people?
I do.
Have you ever stood alone in a gallery or at a gig, looking at the show while also stealing looks at the interesting people around you? Never had the guts to talk to them? WELL, now’s your chance to meet some new people without the terror of rejection
Post Datum is holding a evening all tied up in knots with Relational Aesthetics (my new favourite movement)
Alina Barnett brings it tomorrow night to our very own Metro Arts.

She calls it “Speed Mate-ing” (yes I already know about the sexual innuendo, but it’s not a very good one…so slow down ’speedy’). And because we all ‘like’ controlled environments here in Brisbane (hint hint), Speed Mate-ing sets up the situation, and all you have to do is talk and hope nothing too revealing comes out.

Though I always appreciate honesty.

So come along, I’d like to meet you.

630 for a 7pm start

Level 4
Metro Arts on Friday 16th
109 Edward St, Brisbane

– Kate Mary P.


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