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New Jose Gonzalez Project: JUNIP

May 30, 2010

For all you Jose Gonzalez fans, you’ll definitely be excited by his newest project, JUNIP. Essentially it’s got those great guitar melodies embodied by Gonzalez, but backed by Elias Araya on drums and Tobias Winterkon on keyboards, giving it a little more balls. No hesitations; I’m a big Jose fan, and JUNIP is certainly satisfying.

Best of all, you can download JUNIP’s new EP for free on their website :: so check it out and enjoy it like I am!!

Liza Harvey


A Weekend Away…. or just stuff to do this weekend

May 28, 2010


R.I.P Society; Label Party #3
Brunswick St Mall
7pm – 11pm
(the best news..) FREE!!!! & all ages
Kitchens Floor (Brisbane)
Royal Headache (Sydney)
Dead Farmers (Sydney)
Bed Wettin Bad Boys (Sydney)

Mardi Lumsden & The Rising Seas EP Launch

The Old Museum, cnr Bowen Bridge Rd and Gregory Tce, Bowen Hills
Tickets through Oztix
Mardi Lumsden & The Rising Seas
Scott Spark


Disembraining Machine #8
The Tidy at Alchemix Studios
29A Logan Road, Woolloongabba
Cup Suits
Teen Sex
The Vampire Rough remembers ZenCityFitness
Unfortunately none of these acts has anything to link you to, and I know that for Skerreks & Cup Suits, Disembraining Machine #8 is going to be their one and only performance. So I recommend this highly for any of you out there who love the little out of the ordinary to check this out for sure.

Women In Music – Rap Reversal
Browning St Studios, West End
Female artists do acoustic cover of sexist rap songs! A beautiful line up of extremely talented young, up and coming female artists. I definitely recommend checking these lovely ladies out.

Enjoy your weekend kids! Don’t do anything silly… unless it’s fun!

Liza Harvey

Art ‘gig’ listings

May 28, 2010

Artists in Brisbane are quite busy these days. I can barely keep up.
Well… monetarily I can. Why? Because most local and emerging art things are FREE (not just because Centerlink finally decided to cough up the dough).
Isn’t that great?
I haven’t really had a chance to go to as many exhibitions as I would like. It’s not my fault, honest. I have been under the iron fist of responsibility (getting old blows)

So to ‘cut to the chase’ – here’s a mighty long list for you to peruse (or skip straight past, which is also fine)

– now til Til 1st August. Now open for submissions
Virion is a screen based digital art exhibition that links to public sites across Brisbane. You are invited to participate in this exhibition by uploading video and digital images via the website. Works will be broadcast via this site and also collated on DVD’s that will be shown on multiple screens across Brisbane.


– opens 29th at 6pm – that’s this Saturday
@ Browning St Studios – West End
Cheap art on Paper. And also cheap art NOT on paper (amazing). Will be live music by The Schafer Family

Stones Corner Project – Afternoon Delight
– Sunday 30th May @4pm – 7pm
meet @ the “Big Fig Tree outside the Pub” at 4pm.
Bring a ball of wool or pre-knitted/crocheted piece to join a craft army of bombers who are ‘blanketing’ the main drag at Stones Corner.

(—that was probably the most puns in a row I’ve ever achieved).

First of all, last of all
by Sebastian Moody
– Friday 4th June from 6pm
@Level 3, Metro Arts – Edward St, City
No Frills* brings you this One Night Edition. This is a must see. Sebastian Moody is a conceptual artist with a diverse practice. The list is longer, but Moody has been featured in Realtime Arts Magazine, exhibited at Next Wave 08. As well as working in Public Art and ‘guerilla’ art.

AND if you fancy an old fashioned “Art Crawl”

Jugglers Artspace is also opening
Bad Pixel Exhibition – A New Media All-you-can-eat Feast– Friday 4th June from 6pm
@ Jugglers – 103 Brunswick St
Exhibiting work from artists currently undertaking studies in Digital & New Media at the Queensland College of Art, Bad Pixel breaks with traditional forms of object-based practice to reveal a selection of new moving-image artworks.
Want to see Jugglers transform their space into a world of video art installations?
Go here for more details >>>

Phew. That’s all I can manage tonight.

Feel free to comment if you have any questions or would like me to list something for you/review an exhibition.

Review Review Review

May 26, 2010

Tame Impala: Innerspeaker (Modular)
The debut album by Perth’s psychedelic sons, Tame Impala, has come out amongst an overwhelming amount of hype and continuous airplay around the nation. ‘Innerspeaker’ is perhaps a little poppier than their EP release of 2008, and it’s no wonder they’ve become hugely successful off the back of the single ‘Solitude is Bliss’. What really stands out on this album for me is the fact that the boys of Tame Impala have really created a complete, entire album, as opposed to just a collection of songs. Each track runs smoothly back to back, and similar instrumental effects and production techniques take a hold of ‘Innerspeaker’. This could be reminiscent of the fact that vocalist, Kevin Parker, recorded all the instruments and vocals on the album, bar a few additional drums and bass by Dom Simper, and additional drums and guitar by Jay Watson. So, the similarity of the tracks may come down to the fact that the entire album is seemingly written by Parker, with a limited amount of contribution from the other two band members. ‘Innerspeaker’ is a perpetual journey through the realms of nostalgia and that classic groove-based song structure, which Tame Impala so regularly rely on. There’s a definite relaxed vibe throughout this release, with some nice juxtapositions created with the slow moving guitar chords and the constant drum beats, which creates a fantastic vibe. One criticism I have to make, however, is the entire album is more or less the exact same tempo. ‘Innerspeaker’ feels as though it should pick up pace somewhere in the middle of the album, but it never does, and some variation in tempo would definitely have created a little more interest. I’m particularly digging ‘The Bold Arrow of Time’, with it’s gritty and sexy guitar riff that really makes you feel like getting down and dirty. Tame Impala’s debut album release ‘Innerspeaker’ is growing on me every time I listen to it, because in the end they are damn catchy songs.

Show Review

The Brian Chase & Seth Misterka Duo
If you haven’t yet been to The Tribal Theater (the old Dendy on George St), definitely go check it out, as it’s fast becoming one of the more interesting venues around the Brisbane area. It’s old and gorgeous, with deep red motifs and fantastic basement spaces that make you think you’re about to stumble on some sort of secret treasure, or a skeleton with a map. Friday night was the Brian Chase & Seth Misterka Duo show, supported by an impressive line-up of eclectic Brisbanites, Feathers, Yout Dem, The Seizures and Black Widow. The night expanded from harsh noise groups, through to teen punks, all-girl surf rock, and then a taste of free improvisation jazz, with everything in between! It was certainly a variety evening.
This all girl surf group have been doing the Brisbane live circuit for a few years, and improve impressively every time they play. With the addition of Innez Tulloch on the bass, their sound has expanded and they do well representing female musicians in Brisbane. At times their set was a little forgettable, but there were a couple of songs where they really soared above and created an expanding sound that engulfed the small theater. I have a feeling that they’ll just get better with each show, so I would certainly recommend checking them out in the near future.
Yout Dem
I was completely surprised by the shear power that this duo created from just loop pedals, a bass and a microphone when they started their set. It was cleverly complimented by some obscure projector effects and a flashing hazard light. The only way i can think of ‘genre-ising’ Yout Dem is by “it’s hip-hop, Jim, but not as we know it”. What it was, was intuitive, experimental, intelligent noise-rock, with a real distorted bass groove that really drew me into the music. I guess where I’m coming out from a ‘hip-hop’ point of view, is that it really relied on the bass riff and simple drum machine, layered intensely with the vocalist creating really texturally interesting loops that seemed harsh, but completely necessary!
The Seizures
The boys (and i emphasize the word ‘boys’) from Seizures are all still in their teens, and at times they really wore it on their sleeves. They seemed out to create as much havoc and teen-rebellion as possible, blasting their drilling post-punk sounds across an otherwise calm audience. The Seizures were entertaining to say the least, but unfortunately every time one of them went to do something extreme, such as launch himself into the crowd, something would go horribly wrong. There were leads, mics, amps, guitars and bodies flying everywhere during the set, and I’m sure Seizures would find that a very definite compliment. I’d really like to hear these guys in about three years time when they’ve matured their sound (as well as their egos).
Brian Chase & Seth Misterka Duo
It amused me greatly to see “Brian Chase & Seth Misterka Jazz Duo” on the front of the Tribal Theatre, especially after the show, because Brian Chase & Seth Misterka were everything but a ‘jazz duo’. To be honest, the jazz influence was what I was expecting from the classically trained and critically acclaimed New Yorkers. Instead, what the audience got was a drony, experimental, improvised work of genius. It was a fantastic end to the ‘Variety Night’, and I was completely hypnotized for their forty minute set.

Matt Kennedy (of Kitchens Floor) runs a blogspot called “Eternal Soundcheck“, and he’s put up some videos of Feathers & The Seizures if you want to check it out for yourself first hand. It’s a dam good blog too.

Liza Harvey

Music Review: Ball Park Music

May 22, 2010

Ball Park Music: Conquer the World, Easy as Cake
Ball Park Music are a group who emerged from the QUT music course a couple of years back, and are slowly building their way into mainstream success. In every sense of the genre, this is definitely an indie/pop record, but I feel that Ball Park would have suited the airwaves about five or six years ago when bands like The Grates, Cold War Kids and The Wombats were emerging. I just can’t help feel that Ball Park may have missed the bandwagon. ‘Conquer the Town, Easy as Cake’ is classic indie/pop with crisp, clear production and Ball Park are extremely tight and perfected. In saying that, however, it just seems to me that they’ve lost a lot of their character along the way, and you can really hear the perfection over any attitude that may have leaked through. If you’re into the genre, these really are catchy songs that are well developed, but kind of predictable. The male/female vocal lines work really well together and lead vocalist Sam Cromack certainly has an excellent voice, with influential elements of Nathan Willet from Cold War Kids. Theres a couple of killer tracks like ‘Hello Anais’, but also a couple of predictable tracks. The single off ‘Conquer the Town’, ‘Sea Strangers (I Don’t Even Know You)’ is nowhere near the best track on the release. Give it a listen, they’re a nice representation of Brisbane music. Hopefully their next release will have a little more personal energy and character.

Liza Harvey

A Review for the South + Other Fun Things

May 20, 2010

A review for the South:

Chrome Dome; “Chrome Dome
(Lexicon Devil) – Melbourne
I got this album last week at 4ZzZ and at first I really enjoyed what I heard, but there’s just something lacking off the Chrome Dome self-titled album that really bugs me. They pride themselves as being a “no guitar, synth and drum band”, but it doesn’t really make their music any more interesting. There’s some great attitude plastered within all the synths, but the really gothic and punk elements coming through leave you grappling for some sort of big drop out or development, but the songs themselves have little variation. ‘Chrome Dome’ has a nice solid momentum traveling from one track to the next, with the track ‘Till You Hit the Floor’ featuring some really great layering and interesting idiosyncrasies. The album as a whole is missing variation and variety, with each track as similar as the last. I think this has to do with the overpowering synths, with the only relief coming from very minor texture changes within the vocals and drums. The vocals themselves are fairly monotonous and it would have been nice to hear some sort of contrasting difference between the female/male vocal lines, or even between tracks. Chrome Dome’s ‘Chrome Dome’ is interesting to listen to at first, but the momentum dies out, as nothing seems to develop, completely losing my interest.
– Liza Harvey, 20th May 2010

Other New & Exciting Stuff!

Got in today the new Fabulous Diamonds album, Fabulous Diamonds II By Fabulous Diamonds and it’s really very exciting. The release date isn’t for another couple of months, but stay tuned to 4ZzZ as we’ll be playing some here and there for sure!

Local act, Ball Park Music have their EP launch tomorrow night at the The Zoo with Tin Can Radio and Blame Ringo. I’ve got their release Conquer the Town, Easy as Cake to review, so that’ll be coming up in the next couple of days.

Make sure you come along to the all new 4ZzZ Music Geekzzz night, happening the first Sunday of each month at The Rumpus Room in West End, to hear all the latest tracks of the month. The first one is happening on Sunday June 6th, so come join us for a relaxing afternoon/night with good tunes and dam good brews! Plus, if you get there before 4pm, there’s a gold coin BBQ, which will keep all you guys as happy as it’ll keep me. I’ll definitely be posting some more information about Music Geekzzz in the next couple of weeks, giving you more information.

Liza Harvey

Brian Chase (drummer from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs) Interview

May 14, 2010

Brian Chase & Seth Misterka Duo
I caught up with Brian Chase, most famously known of course for his work as a drummer in NY based the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, this afternoon for a quick chat about his latest Australian tour. Brian is in Australia at the moment touring with saxophonist Seth Misterka. Misterka holds his own within the Brooklyn underground music scene, contributing to over 100 albums during his career. Together they have created a free improvised jazz duo, generating moving soundscapes and kaleidoscope sounds, and are performing all this month around Australia.

Brian and I chatted about the difference between drumming in a conventional band like the YYYs versus the heavily improvised performances he does with Seth. He also had some really interesting stuff to say about the exciting new music coming out of the Brooklyn underground music scene, as well as about how much he and Seth enjoyed playing at the Melbourne Jazz Festival last week. I certainly learned a lot during this interview and I’m sure you will too.

Listen in to 4zZz on Wednesday morning between 6 and 9am on Grace Nye’s show The Inconvenience Party to listen to the interview. If you want to check out Brian Chase & Seth Misterka Duo, they’re playing at the Tribal Theatre this coming Friday the 21st of May, and I highly recommend that you do!
– Liza Harvey 14th May 2010

New Music in the 4zzzfm Library

May 13, 2010

The Local Stuff:
Lewis O’Leary: Eating The Afterbirth
Brisbane local Lewis O’Leary has created a very interesting mash-up of pop vocal and guitar melodies, mixed with gritty electronic sounds and improvised instrumentals on his debut solo album “Eating the Afterbirth”. Eating the Afterbirth is suprisingly relaxed, with O’Leary creating textured landscapes that move without warning, and textures that nearly escape from your speakers. As relaxed as it is though, I wouldn’t recommend it for easy listening, as it gives your ears a bit of an experimental work out throughout the transition of the tracks. Track two; In Your Wake, is a definite highlight with some awesome soundscaping coming from O’Leary with fantastic layering of classic pop elements. In a sense this is possibly as close as O’Leary comes to creating a conventional ‘pop song’, but he makes it so inviting to listen to. Million Dollar Cigarette is one of the grittier tracks, with an immense amount of detail. Lewis O’Leary has certainly created something very intrinsic and interesting with “Eating the Afterbirth”, and it’s great to hear something inventive coming out of the local scene. For a copy of Lewis O’Leary’s “Eating The Afterbirth”, hit him up on his MySpace and he’ll probably even give you a Lewis O’Leary trademark hand-painted personalized cover!

(Liza Harvey)

Marl Carx: Sits Obvious
The band Marl Carx have been throwing themselves around the Brisbane live music scene since mid 2008, but called it quits earlier this year. Their album “Sits Obvious” was a posthumous release, going out with a riotous album launch at the Cubby Hole a few weekends ago. The same chunky, eclectic mix of drums guitar and vocals that duo Glen Schenau and Michaela Sophie Chin displayed at the launch is completely reflected in “Sits Obvious”. While the EP sits at just over 18 minutes, spread out over 13 songs, there are definite short but sweet little beauties popping up all over the place. There’s a real simpleness to the Marl Carx sound that makes fantastic use of space and effectively creates tension into a remarkably upbeat album. ‘Of Sex’ stands out as a chief track, with chunking guitar riffs from Schenau, which Chin mimics on the kit, creating a great unified effect that accentuates each major change in the song. There’s a similiar effect used in ‘Beak House’, with a melodic drumming technique that creates really interesting textures and timbres. It’s an overall great album, with few flaws and it’s a shame that Marl Carx won’t be gracing stages in the future. To grab a copy of Marl Carx’s “Sits Obvious” check out their label, Bedroom Suck for more details.
(Liza Harvey)

More New Music at 4ZzZFM

Oh Ye Denver Birds: “Walls” (single)

Ali Farka Toure and Toumani Diabate: “Ali and Toumani”

Flying Lotus: “Cosmogramma”

Chrome Dome: “Chrome Dome”

And for all you Black Keys fans out there…

The Black Keys: “Brothers” (release date 18th May)

Liza Harvey, 13th May 2010