Brian Chase (drummer from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs) Interview


Brian Chase & Seth Misterka Duo
I caught up with Brian Chase, most famously known of course for his work as a drummer in NY based the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, this afternoon for a quick chat about his latest Australian tour. Brian is in Australia at the moment touring with saxophonist Seth Misterka. Misterka holds his own within the Brooklyn underground music scene, contributing to over 100 albums during his career. Together they have created a free improvised jazz duo, generating moving soundscapes and kaleidoscope sounds, and are performing all this month around Australia.

Brian and I chatted about the difference between drumming in a conventional band like the YYYs versus the heavily improvised performances he does with Seth. He also had some really interesting stuff to say about the exciting new music coming out of the Brooklyn underground music scene, as well as about how much he and Seth enjoyed playing at the Melbourne Jazz Festival last week. I certainly learned a lot during this interview and I’m sure you will too.

Listen in to 4zZz on Wednesday morning between 6 and 9am on Grace Nye’s show The Inconvenience Party to listen to the interview. If you want to check out Brian Chase & Seth Misterka Duo, they’re playing at the Tribal Theatre this coming Friday the 21st of May, and I highly recommend that you do!
– Liza Harvey 14th May 2010


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