Music Review: Ball Park Music


Ball Park Music: Conquer the World, Easy as Cake
Ball Park Music are a group who emerged from the QUT music course a couple of years back, and are slowly building their way into mainstream success. In every sense of the genre, this is definitely an indie/pop record, but I feel that Ball Park would have suited the airwaves about five or six years ago when bands like The Grates, Cold War Kids and The Wombats were emerging. I just can’t help feel that Ball Park may have missed the bandwagon. ‘Conquer the Town, Easy as Cake’ is classic indie/pop with crisp, clear production and Ball Park are extremely tight and perfected. In saying that, however, it just seems to me that they’ve lost a lot of their character along the way, and you can really hear the perfection over any attitude that may have leaked through. If you’re into the genre, these really are catchy songs that are well developed, but kind of predictable. The male/female vocal lines work really well together and lead vocalist Sam Cromack certainly has an excellent voice, with influential elements of Nathan Willet from Cold War Kids. Theres a couple of killer tracks like ‘Hello Anais’, but also a couple of predictable tracks. The single off ‘Conquer the Town’, ‘Sea Strangers (I Don’t Even Know You)’ is nowhere near the best track on the release. Give it a listen, they’re a nice representation of Brisbane music. Hopefully their next release will have a little more personal energy and character.

Liza Harvey


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