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Tame Impala: Innerspeaker (Modular)
The debut album by Perth’s psychedelic sons, Tame Impala, has come out amongst an overwhelming amount of hype and continuous airplay around the nation. ‘Innerspeaker’ is perhaps a little poppier than their EP release of 2008, and it’s no wonder they’ve become hugely successful off the back of the single ‘Solitude is Bliss’. What really stands out on this album for me is the fact that the boys of Tame Impala have really created a complete, entire album, as opposed to just a collection of songs. Each track runs smoothly back to back, and similar instrumental effects and production techniques take a hold of ‘Innerspeaker’. This could be reminiscent of the fact that vocalist, Kevin Parker, recorded all the instruments and vocals on the album, bar a few additional drums and bass by Dom Simper, and additional drums and guitar by Jay Watson. So, the similarity of the tracks may come down to the fact that the entire album is seemingly written by Parker, with a limited amount of contribution from the other two band members. ‘Innerspeaker’ is a perpetual journey through the realms of nostalgia and that classic groove-based song structure, which Tame Impala so regularly rely on. There’s a definite relaxed vibe throughout this release, with some nice juxtapositions created with the slow moving guitar chords and the constant drum beats, which creates a fantastic vibe. One criticism I have to make, however, is the entire album is more or less the exact same tempo. ‘Innerspeaker’ feels as though it should pick up pace somewhere in the middle of the album, but it never does, and some variation in tempo would definitely have created a little more interest. I’m particularly digging ‘The Bold Arrow of Time’, with it’s gritty and sexy guitar riff that really makes you feel like getting down and dirty. Tame Impala’s debut album release ‘Innerspeaker’ is growing on me every time I listen to it, because in the end they are damn catchy songs.

Show Review

The Brian Chase & Seth Misterka Duo
If you haven’t yet been to The Tribal Theater (the old Dendy on George St), definitely go check it out, as it’s fast becoming one of the more interesting venues around the Brisbane area. It’s old and gorgeous, with deep red motifs and fantastic basement spaces that make you think you’re about to stumble on some sort of secret treasure, or a skeleton with a map. Friday night was the Brian Chase & Seth Misterka Duo show, supported by an impressive line-up of eclectic Brisbanites, Feathers, Yout Dem, The Seizures and Black Widow. The night expanded from harsh noise groups, through to teen punks, all-girl surf rock, and then a taste of free improvisation jazz, with everything in between! It was certainly a variety evening.
This all girl surf group have been doing the Brisbane live circuit for a few years, and improve impressively every time they play. With the addition of Innez Tulloch on the bass, their sound has expanded and they do well representing female musicians in Brisbane. At times their set was a little forgettable, but there were a couple of songs where they really soared above and created an expanding sound that engulfed the small theater. I have a feeling that they’ll just get better with each show, so I would certainly recommend checking them out in the near future.
Yout Dem
I was completely surprised by the shear power that this duo created from just loop pedals, a bass and a microphone when they started their set. It was cleverly complimented by some obscure projector effects and a flashing hazard light. The only way i can think of ‘genre-ising’ Yout Dem is by “it’s hip-hop, Jim, but not as we know it”. What it was, was intuitive, experimental, intelligent noise-rock, with a real distorted bass groove that really drew me into the music. I guess where I’m coming out from a ‘hip-hop’ point of view, is that it really relied on the bass riff and simple drum machine, layered intensely with the vocalist creating really texturally interesting loops that seemed harsh, but completely necessary!
The Seizures
The boys (and i emphasize the word ‘boys’) from Seizures are all still in their teens, and at times they really wore it on their sleeves. They seemed out to create as much havoc and teen-rebellion as possible, blasting their drilling post-punk sounds across an otherwise calm audience. The Seizures were entertaining to say the least, but unfortunately every time one of them went to do something extreme, such as launch himself into the crowd, something would go horribly wrong. There were leads, mics, amps, guitars and bodies flying everywhere during the set, and I’m sure Seizures would find that a very definite compliment. I’d really like to hear these guys in about three years time when they’ve matured their sound (as well as their egos).
Brian Chase & Seth Misterka Duo
It amused me greatly to see “Brian Chase & Seth Misterka Jazz Duo” on the front of the Tribal Theatre, especially after the show, because Brian Chase & Seth Misterka were everything but a ‘jazz duo’. To be honest, the jazz influence was what I was expecting from the classically trained and critically acclaimed New Yorkers. Instead, what the audience got was a drony, experimental, improvised work of genius. It was a fantastic end to the ‘Variety Night’, and I was completely hypnotized for their forty minute set.

Matt Kennedy (of Kitchens Floor) runs a blogspot called “Eternal Soundcheck“, and he’s put up some videos of Feathers & The Seizures if you want to check it out for yourself first hand. It’s a dam good blog too.

Liza Harvey


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