Art ‘gig’ listings


Artists in Brisbane are quite busy these days. I can barely keep up.
Well… monetarily I can. Why? Because most local and emerging art things are FREE (not just because Centerlink finally decided to cough up the dough).
Isn’t that great?
I haven’t really had a chance to go to as many exhibitions as I would like. It’s not my fault, honest. I have been under the iron fist of responsibility (getting old blows)

So to ‘cut to the chase’ – here’s a mighty long list for you to peruse (or skip straight past, which is also fine)

– now til Til 1st August. Now open for submissions
Virion is a screen based digital art exhibition that links to public sites across Brisbane. You are invited to participate in this exhibition by uploading video and digital images via the website. Works will be broadcast via this site and also collated on DVD’s that will be shown on multiple screens across Brisbane.


– opens 29th at 6pm – that’s this Saturday
@ Browning St Studios – West End
Cheap art on Paper. And also cheap art NOT on paper (amazing). Will be live music by The Schafer Family

Stones Corner Project – Afternoon Delight
– Sunday 30th May @4pm – 7pm
meet @ the “Big Fig Tree outside the Pub” at 4pm.
Bring a ball of wool or pre-knitted/crocheted piece to join a craft army of bombers who are ‘blanketing’ the main drag at Stones Corner.

(—that was probably the most puns in a row I’ve ever achieved).

First of all, last of all
by Sebastian Moody
– Friday 4th June from 6pm
@Level 3, Metro Arts – Edward St, City
No Frills* brings you this One Night Edition. This is a must see. Sebastian Moody is a conceptual artist with a diverse practice. The list is longer, but Moody has been featured in Realtime Arts Magazine, exhibited at Next Wave 08. As well as working in Public Art and ‘guerilla’ art.

AND if you fancy an old fashioned “Art Crawl”

Jugglers Artspace is also opening
Bad Pixel Exhibition – A New Media All-you-can-eat Feast– Friday 4th June from 6pm
@ Jugglers – 103 Brunswick St
Exhibiting work from artists currently undertaking studies in Digital & New Media at the Queensland College of Art, Bad Pixel breaks with traditional forms of object-based practice to reveal a selection of new moving-image artworks.
Want to see Jugglers transform their space into a world of video art installations?
Go here for more details >>>

Phew. That’s all I can manage tonight.

Feel free to comment if you have any questions or would like me to list something for you/review an exhibition.


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