Angry Banana Person Reviews CDs


on the wall...

Survived my first Brain-Banana and it a good way. Dub-step is hard to dance to but still fun and painfull. Even the 2 hour trip home was worth it.
Now Cd reviews….

Los Amigos Invisibles- “Commercial”(GOZADERA RECORDS)
Effortlessly Smooth is all I can think of when listening to “Commercial”. This is the first time I’ve heard of the Venezuelan latin-dance group and I’m hooked. The first three shots really sets the mood of the album with disco and funky mixes and hits keep giving. Listening to this, I’m reminded of the stuff my parents/elders listened to when I was younger and the Amigos do a good job bringing that era of music with the sensibilities of the now. I enjoyed my fifty minutes and I’d gladly dance to “Mentiras” or “Viviré Para Ti” even if it makes me look like an idiot.

A French Butler Called Smith- “The Milkdrop Circus”
Gold Coast lads A French Butler Called Smith let loose their debut album and it’s quite a ride. I saw them a while back down in the coast and despite knowing zilch of them, was pleasantly surprised. Their brand of “organic dance music” had the crowd of mostly women dancing gleefully. Very high energy, upbeat stuff. “Milkdrop Circus” brings all that live energy shenanigans into album form and it’s mostly there. The lad’s funk-latin-gypsy fusion make for a good excuse to dance with your significant other or a random cutie. Definitely worth checking out live or at least the next best thing. Oh, and they were fun to sketch despite all of the cute women dancing.

That was a fun gig!

dance-tastic evening!

-Manuel Zig Poska


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