Feathers & Kitchens Floor Review


It was a cold and windy night, when locals Feathers, Kitchens Floor and Velociraptor supported Melbourne’s Absolute Boys on Saturday the 19th of June at the Cubby Hole. Despite the temperature, it was a pretty decent turn out and one of the last for the Cubby Hole, as it’s shutting down at the end of the month.

Local all-girl surf group Feathers certainly wear their influences on their sleeve, but their doe-eyed stair will melt your heart. As a four piece, they pack a lot of punch when it comes to their longer songs, especially when drummer Susan uses mallets on the kit. It really takes over the sound and it carries through with a beautiful intensity with the rest of the band and Michelle’s vocals. This was definitely the highlight for me on the night. One criticism I do have to make is that at times during their set, they did lose momentum a little, with the energy running low. It did really vary throughout the show, which I found a little difficult to get into at points. Andrea Blake from Melbourne’s Chrome Dome performed a guest vocal appearance for Feathers’ new song, “Early Morning” at the end of their set and won the crowd over with classic surf-inspired shenanigans.

Kitchens Floor have haunted the Brisbane music scene for a number of years now, and are certainly a seminal local band of the time. Usually playing as a three-piece with Matt Kennedy, Glen Schenau and Julia Sirron, Kitchens Floor mixed it up on Saturday night with Cured Pink’s Andrew McLellan on keys for the evening. It certainly changed the often spacious and sporadic sound of Kitchens Floor, filling and changing the space and sound. For the first and last song of the set, the keys worked brilliantly and they seemed to navigate their way around the extra instrumentation with ease. However, I felt that in “Downed It” the keys overcompensated a little and didn’t leave enough space for the song to take shape in the small space. I don’t know if the members of Kitchens Floor could feel the tension between the keys in the songs, as they seemed a little stiff on Saturday night, but loosened up at the end of the set to play out in style.

Again, I’m going to link you to the Eternal Soundcheck Blogspot for videos of the evening and a couple more reviews. Enjoy !

Liza Harvey


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