Some Cultured Stuff For Youse


Yes, the heading is a joke, for any of you questioning my sanity or appropriateness in approaching cultural content.

The weekend ahead holds many a cultural delight for all you artistic types as well as the next installment of the Label Parties in Fortitude Valley.

The Outpost Presents:

I Used To Skate Once (art exhibition + music)

This is the 6th annual “I Used To Skate Once” exhibition organized by The Outpost’s Matt Brady and looks to be an absolute delight. The exhibition involves a collection of visual artists from around the world who bring with them a variety of styles, ideas, practices and intentions for your viewing pleasure. There’s also a host of local and national bands performing on the night.
Some of the visual artists involved include:
Porous Walker

Marcus Oakley

Stefan Marx
Andrew Gordon
Amber B Dianda
(see their blogspot for entire list cause there’s heaps!)

Music on the night from:
Per Purpose

Songs (Sydney)

Deadnotes feat The Legend (Everett True)
Community (formerly Stemford Hiss)
Swede Tooth

For more information check out the “I Used To Skate Once” blog. There’s an entire list of all the artists involved and on the bands as well.

Presented By the Brisbane City Council
Label Parties #4
Bedroom Suck Records

Come support Brisbane’s local music scene! Three fantastic Brisbane bands + some Sydney kids play free in the Valley mall as part of the Brisbane City Council’s Label Parties.
These bands are fantastic live and a seminal part of the Brisbane music scene so come along and see these guys in action. I recommend wearing sensible shoes and not your favourite shirt – you may just lose and rip them respectively.

Blank Realm
Polyfox and the Union of the Most Ghosts (Sydney)
Knee Chin
Kitten Party

Liza Harvey


One Response to “Some Cultured Stuff For Youse”

  1. Kate Herrington Says:

    I am all over this, you will see me EVERYWHERE. Thanks!

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