Cup Suits/Skerreks album review


If you’re the kind of person who likes to listen to thirty seconds of a track and then skip your way through an album, then the Cup Suits/Skerreks split is probably not for you. Brisbane locals Skerreks (Callum Wheeler) and Cup Suits (Nicholas Rowan) have created a rolling landscape of sound that holds a very strong visual aspect, making the 75-minute long album roll with ease from one track to the next like a film. This is an instrumental album and a debut release from both parties, as well as the first release on new Brisbane record label, Unique Beautiful Flowers. The album is split with the first six tracks coming from Cup Suits, and the remaining five from Skerreks. The sounds on the album come from audio manipulation, field recordings, and traditional instruments amongst other aural delights layered and distorted into a completely new context. I love this about Cup Suits/Skerreks, as when you listen to the album you stop trying to identify sounds and just listen to the soundscape as a whole. It took me a little while to sit through the entire album on first listen, as the changes are subtle and evolve over tracks that start at 2:14 short to 18:36 long and everywhere in between. But I think you really have to listen to Cup Suits/Skerreks within the context of sitting down and watching a film. Sitting through the entire album in one sitting really made me fully appreciate the context of each individual track.
– Liza Harvey


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