The Outpost’s I Used To Skate Once #6 Review


The Outposts’ 6th annual “I Used To Skate Once” exhibition was definitely a night of visual and sonic delights. The artworks were all displayed and hung around the windows of The Zoo and down in the alleyway, making every turn into a new encounter of cultural pleasure. I stupidly enough forgot to copy down the names of the artists whose work I enjoyed the most, but I have included a few photos of the displays so hopefully you’ll still be able to appreciate some of the fantastic artworks.

The artworks were highlighted by local bands Per Purpose, The Deadnotes feat. The Legend, Community and Sydney group Songs donning the two stages at The Zoo. I really enjoyed the evening, as it brought together some really interesting people and the artworks and bands were chosen very creatively, making for a great night.

Per Purpose - photograph by Ashlea Gleeson

Per Purpose were the first to take to the stage, delivering their raw, high-energy sound to a capacity full laneway. I think a few people were a little confronted by the volume level, but I much rather enjoyed the boys’ performance. There were a few technical troubles I noticed in the beginning of their set, but it all seemed to work out fairly well in the end. One of the things I loved about the Per Purpose set was definitely the energy that leadman Glen Schenau and bassist Harry Byrne brought to the stage. They’re young, talented and moody and don’t have any hesitations with their style in making it as chunky and angular as possible. As I said, I think a few people in the crowd were a little confronted by this, but I thoroughly enjoyed their set.

Due to the amount of people trying to get into The Zoo even after maximum capacity was filled, I missed out on checking out Community until the last verse of their set. But it was great to see so many people supporting IUSO and getting into it.

Deadnotes feat The Legend - photograph by Ashlea Gleeson

Deadnotes feat. The Legend were definitely the highlight of the evening. They were entertaining, inventive and just downright awesome. The Legend (Everett True) added his own two-bit to the set, commenting on things here and there about the event, Brisbane and just his greater life knowledge. My favourtie quote of his for the evening was “watching Deadnotes feat the Legend won’t provide you with much economic revenue, but it will give you cultural revenue.” That along with lyrics like “I want to fuck a man with a beard” and “there two types of songs – love songs and monster songs. I love you AAHHH! I love you AAHHH!” provided some serious entertainment. Deadnotes created a great groove between them as they moved in and out of subtle melodic changes, making a set of awesome songs that drew you in with their repetitiveness. They have a real talent by making repetition interesting and keeping you involved through their entire set. They’re an awesome band and I would definitely recommend checking them out.

Songs - photograph by Ashlea Gleeson

Songs, as usual, were tight and beautiful. It was a really great end to the IUSO night with their melodic tunes filling the main room of The Zoo. In a sense they served two purposes; to entertain those who were willing to stop and listen, but also created a great backdrop of music for those still lingering around the artworks. Their stage presence wasn’t great, but I think their music really made up for it, which was why it worked so well within the context of the exhibition. Songs really made for a great end to the night.

Well done Outpost!

– Liza Harvey


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    this is some really cool artwork

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