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Music Geekzzz #3 This Sunday!!

July 28, 2010

Liza Harvey


Super Wild Horses Album Launch Review and Cured Pink Tape Launch Review

July 21, 2010

The Hangar, Saturday 17th July

Super Wild Horses Album Launch
These guys have got to be one of my favourite Brisbane bands around at the moment. They certainly didn’t dissappoint on Saturday night. They opened their set with a chunky and neurotic guitar-led song that seemed to bury the Hangar deep within guitarist Harry’s riff. There was a real amount of energy to the Loomer set on Saturday night, with a really solid performance from the group. While the crowd weren’t dancing around or “losing their shit”, Loomer certainly had everyone captivated and in complete control.

Southern Comfort
This is more than I can unfortunately say for the two fine Sydney gals, Southern Comfort. They didn’t seem to hold the crowd’s attention for long, with a constant flow of people moving in and out of the venue during their set. While parts of the songs were really lovely to listen to and were easy to follow in the groove, there was just something lacking with Southern Comfort’s presence that didn’t get me as worked up as I would have liked. Perhaps a bit more attitude as apposed to apathy would have been more thrilling?

Kitchens Floor
The Kitchens Floor set on Saturday night at The Hangar was probably one of the best I’ve seen of theirs for a good while now. They flirted for a while back there with a keyboard, but it was really great to see the guitar, bass and drums trio keeping it raw and stripped back again. They performed fantastically, and the crowd knew it, with bodies flying across the floor in a playful puppy way. Kitchens Floor seemed to respond magestically with the crowd, by responding with cheeky banter and general raucousness. It was the crowd feeding off Kitchens Floor and vice- versa , making Saturday night’s show a real spectacle of “how to have a good time”.

Due to the raging 40th blasting out hits from ’70s, 80s, 90s and now!’ in the warehouse right behind The Hangar, I didn’t even realise that Super Wild Horses had started their set, only catching a fleeting moment in their last song. Needless to say I was really dissapointed and extremely bummed that I missed out on the headline act, because I had been very much looking forward to their set. But I’m extending the invitation to anyone else who was there to send us their thoughts on the Super Wild Horses set.

Burst City, Sunday 18th July

Sunday Ice Cream Socialist/Bastard Theater of Brisbane (Cured Pink Tape Launch)
Heart Flew Like An Arrow
I really like Heart Flew Like An Arrow, so it was kind of painful to watch as every piece of technology the guys were relying on for their set fell apart mirthlessly song by song. The crowd seemed to will them on as singer, Adam screemed “I’m Sorry! I’m Sorry!” in between versus during the set. But, the boys powered through and got the set finished with diginity intact and came out as men on the other end. Despite all the hiccups and painful moments, Heart Flew Like An Arrow carried a lot of charm, and you could tell this from the audience’s reception to the band.

Teen Sex
Despite all the amazingly hilarious jokes you could make about these guys’ name, Teen Sex was not filled with awkward and embarrassing moments of pubescent insecurities. Instead, they delivered a brutal noise set of deafening proportions. Coming out of the doomily lit hall that is Burst City and into the dark courtyard, pierced by continuously flashing LED lights and a noise wall that smacked you in the face was a confronting task, but thoroughly enjoyable. Teen Sex had a fantastic performance element to their set, jumping around the courtyard and bashing snare drums.

Gerald Keaney and The Gerald Keaneys
Gerald Keaney has a fantastic sense humour about his work when he performs, and this really came across on Sunday night. He tends to pick apart what we know about the music world and throw back the obvious ridiculousness of it all that we might never have noticed before. Song lyrics like “the video clip to this song is much better than the song itself” were highly entertaining and kept the audience interested. Gerald Keaney and the Gerald Keaneys border somewhere between witty intelligent noise music and cheap entertainment; they flirt with the two but seem to find a balance in the middle close to perfection.

Cured Pink
I have seen Cured Pink play a couple of times now, and what I always thoroughly enjoy about his performances are that they are a real performance. Flinging himself and his instruments around the stage, often diving into a pile of massive pieces of steel hooked up with contact mics, sending a wall of noise into the audience. His complete willingness to give his everything into his sets definitely helps him stand out from the pack and there were no exceptions at Burst City, and his tape launch.

Yout Dem
The Yout Dem set from Sunday evening was a real dance number compared to the predominantly noise artists that had graced the stage before them. It was well suited and enjoyed none-the-less, adding a nice little bit of diversity to the night. Yout Dem still carry those elements of experimentation that the other acts pursued, but seemed to balance it out a bit with a more conventional sensibility. Yout Dem were a great end to a hectic and brutal evening from some of Brisbane’s best underground musicians.

Heads up to Joe from Bedroom Suck who organised The Sunday Ice-Cream Socialist Bastard Theatre of Brisbane ‘mini festival’.

tune into 4ZzZ to hear more about what’s happening around Brisbane city and keep checking the blog dammit!
we love you long time

Liza Harvey

July 15, 2010

Your Weekly Weekend Planner!

Thursdaaaayyy 15th July

– Lambda Lambda Lambda –


$10 (student card gets you in for $5!)
Alhambra Lounge

Fridaaaaayy 16th July


Burst City $8 BYO

Saturdaaaayy 17th July

SUPER WILD HORSES(Melb) Album Launch

Lofly Hangar
$10 BYO

Sundaaaayy 18th July

Sunday Ice Cream Socialist/Bastard Theater of Brisbane
– a festival of the brisbane underground –

and appearances from

Burst City $6 BYO

Enjoy the weekend, kids!

Brian Chase and Seth Misterka Duo: The Shape of Sound Review

July 14, 2010

Brian Chase & Seth Misterka Duo: The Shape of Sound (Heathen Skulls Records)

As many of you would be well aware, Brian Chase is best known for his work as the drummer for art-rock funksters The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, for which you could be forgiven for thinking would be some sort of starting point for the Brian Chase and Seth Misterka duo. Instead, ‘The Shape of Sound’ starts as a classic free jazz inspired improvisational album; sexy and sporadic saxophone layered over the top of eclectic drum beats with a definite jazz feel. I was certainly surprised when the rest of the album then takes a path that could not be farther from its free jazz beginnings. The album takes shape by experimenting with noise art and concepts of improvisation around an unsaid beat. There are pieces throughout ‘The Shape of Sound’ that are easy to fall into and get lost within, but Chase and Misterka have created a great amount of tension within these realms. At times the tension is mountainous, such as on ‘Trapezium’, where the sounds are continuous and confusing. If you’re not one for eclecticism, ‘The Shape of Sound’ would certainly be intimidating and uneasy to listen to, especially towards the middle of the album with ‘Mr. BC’ and ‘Trapezium’ being the most awkward (yet intriguing) pieces. And just to confuse me more, the following track, ‘Nonagon’ delves into more noise-art orientated territory, breaking away from any preconceptions or notions I had at the beginning of the album. Brian Chase and Seth Misterka’s ‘The Shape of Sound’ is a confusing whirlwind of experimentation that destroys the context of which I listened to it one track at a time. In saying that, however, I thoroughly enjoyed this album, as it’s ever-changing nature kept me on my toes throughout.

Liza Harvey

Taterstomp 2010 Sketches

July 8, 2010

I had heaps of fun at my first Taterstomp last week. Despite some indecision and fighting the effects of a 50 hour work week, I managed to get back into band sketches. A little too rusty but it’s a start.

The Sugar Shakers

Ten Four

Corn Liquor

Sketchies and Cd Reviews

July 5, 2010

On The Wall..

Cd Reviews…

Dubmarine & Laneous And The Family Yah- “Mash Up”(Bird Fire Records)

“Mash Up” sees the local lads and lasses combine forces to release something a little different yet a good fit. Super Mega-team-combo sound attack, maybe? A little chaotic, never commercial and always refreshing live, I was pleasantly impressed by this four-track team-up. The songs have a bit of a dub feel with “E.V.O.L.V.E.D.” opening the attack with Laneous’s rap/soul vocal styling. “Chip” and “Bubblegum” trades rhythms to interesting and I found that I liked this version of “Bubblegum” to the original. “Non Stopper” closes things with a shout-out to the local roots music scene with it’s hand-claps and vocal melodies. “Mash Up” is a good team-up between the two local groups and It would be a sight to see live.

The Dynamites Featuring Charles Walker- “Burn It Down”(Outta Sight Records)

“Burn It Down” is a great funk and soul cocktail courtesy of Charles Walker and The Dynamites. Walker, a veteran in the genre, gives a strong performance befitting his skill and experience. His powerful vocals are equality backed up by The Dynamites’ proficiency in crafting good funk and soul. There is a good showcase of songs from funky opener “Burn It Down”, slow and soulful “I Got Love (For You)” to the upbeat “The Third Degree” to satisfy music lovers. I was quite satisfied with this album and little disappointed that I missed the chance to see them live recently.

The Vaudeville Smash- “Hey/Drunken Cowgirl”

Listening to The Vaudeville Smash’s entree for their upcoming EP was a surprising and a tad retro. The more I listen to the “Hey/Drunken Cowgirl” single, the more I’m reminded of all 80’s music I grew up with. Their sound is clean, upbeat and infectiously, toe-tapping pop of the Steely Dan, Hall and Oats with a dash of Prince variety as exemplified by “Hey”. The opening of “Drunken Cowgirl” really reminded me of George Benson with the singer’s vocals and the the song’s similar sensibilities and hooks. I blame my parents for even knowing who George Benson is. All in all, I like the retro influence of The Vaudeville Smash and could do with more 80’s pop.

Another awesome live gig!!

Coming up next…Taterstomp ’10 sketchies

-Manny Zig Poska