Review: Memphis by Magic Kids


At the moment, there are a lot of groups jumping on the surf rock bandwagon (presumably heading straight to the coast), and I guess you could say Magic Kids are one of them. Hailing from Memphis (surprising no?), these kids gained a lot of recognition in the music scene back in 2009 with the release of their single Hey Boy. A year later, Magic Kids have lived up to the hype with the release of a downright infectious debut.

Memphis is short and sweet and so full of youthful exuberance, I’m fairly convinced it could replace Botox. The opening track Phone lets you in on the overall feel of the album; jangly guitars, harmonious vocal layering and the cutest orchestral arrangements this side of the fence. Hey Boy remains the highlight of the record, in all its sunshine pop glory, and the rest of the tracks are close behind. Seriously, it’s like these guys have never seen a rainy day in their lives.

All in all, Magic Kids are a little twee pop, very Beach Boys, and hopelessly optimistic. And this, my friends, makes for a fantastic band with a gorgeous debut.

– Sophie.


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