A New Musical Perspective – Alphabeticus


L-R: Pat (Drums), JP (Vocals/keys/samples), Bill (Bass), Shaun (Guitar), Katie (Vocals). Photo by Jennifer McDermott

By Kenada Quinlan

Put simply… al⋅pha⋅bet⋅i⋅cus [al-fuh-bet-i-khus] is a musical entity encompassing many varied artistic, social and cultural influences. 2. A blend of electronic sound sources, beats, analogue synths, trip-hop basslines, male and female vocal interplay. 3. Depending on the context of the performance, adaptation and change are possible; can function as a two-piece or escalate to a larger ensemble. Related Topics; Miscommunication. Alice in Wonderland. Robots murdering robots. The archiving of dreams and the possibilities it presents in today’s society. Man eaters. Synapse dislocation.

Want to know more? Vocalist and keysmith JP Crawford elaborates:

How, why and when?
The idea started in my head about two years ago but the band never truly formed until January this year. It came about as a need for creative outlet for the people involved…and also to have some fun!

Where do you make such sweet music?
We jam all over the place, jam rooms around bris but also at people’s houses, no police complaints thus far.

What is the band’s musical history?
We have all played in other bands but nothing for a few years. Those bands used to even play at Club Splurt when it was at the Gabba Hotel and Rollo was doing the sound, so we’ve all been buzzing around the local scene for quite a while.

What are you hoping to achieve with Alphabeticus?
Our main goal at this point is to create a whole and complete artistic statement where everything we do is connected and there is a synergy between our music, lyrics, artwork, photos and any other aspect of what we do. In essence we want to create our own Identity. If we can achieve that then it will be left up to the individual to make what they will of what we have created and who we are. Some people will hate, some will like it, some will not care, hopefully they will at least be able to make up their mind without confusion of who we are.

How receptive has Brisbane been to the Alphabeticus perspective, any plans to frolic further afield?
Gigs have been fantastic. It takes time to form bonds and become a great band but we feel like we are constantly improving…interstate tours are something we will be exploring in 2011.

What can an audience expect from an Alphabeticus gig?
Come and watch us is the only answer I can provide.

How do you approach the song-writing process?
Someone in the band will create a skeleton or roadmap of a song and then we just add the pieces and try and have a combined effort. We have recently taken to jamming a bit more but I think that there will always be someone to come up with the original ideas.

Do you have any recordings on the horizon?
Yep, we have a bunch of songs that we want to record and we are hoping to release an E.P early to middle 2011. We have to book the studio first(!).

If you like beautifully composed and sharply executed trip-hop with enough riddles to keep you guessing, catch Alphabeticus at the X&Y Bar on October 5.

Alphabeticus on MySpace


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