i make. you wear it.


Week 10

by Rachel Tinney

‘i make. you wear it.’ is a fashion project by the lovely Rachel Burke who aims to make a dress a week (in a very short timeframe on a Saturday afternoon mind you) to raise $25,000 for NAPCAN: Preventing Child Abuse in Australia. You can follow her quite amusing and amazing blog (and even donate to her cause!) at http://www.imakeyouwearit.com OR read on and see what happens when Rachel is interviewed by another Rachel.

Firstly, the all-important ‘why’. Why did you decide to make a dress a week to raise some cash?
Making dresses quickly is something that I’ve always been a touch good at – it’s acted as a trick I have just in case I’m having a ‘I hate everything in my wardrobe day’. However, the idea to turn this light hobby into a full on challenge stemmed from an EPIC desire to do something creative that I had conceived myself. I am a human that works well under pressure, so I thought that setting myself some sort of goal would be really exciting – doing it for charity thus tied in delightfully!

And why NAPCAN?At the point when I decided that I would like to do the project for charity, I was still a little unsure about who to choose. After doing some research however, I came across NAPCAN (National Association for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect) and after reading up on their work they really stood out as the charity I wanted to help. Having known friends and acquaintances affected by child abuse/neglect, their work on prevention is really important.

Week 7

You make a dress each Saturday for a lovely lady, does their personality inspire the dress?
It sure does. Initially I had thought about theming each week – having a hawaiian week, a persian week, a fancy dress week. But then I came to my senses and realised that this was a rubbish idea, and that simply basing each dress to the loveliness of whichever girl I was doing it for made much more sense. To assist with this, each week I get the girl I am making for to fill out a short questionnaire. From this I pull out colour preferences, style ideas and begin formulating designs that I feel will best suit their individual personality.

What happens to the dresses once they’ve been made and paraded in the Valley for all to see?
They get returned to me and I put them in a box! There will be a final auction in January of all the pieces (all proceeds go to NAPCAN of course!) and the girls will have the opportunity to bid on their frocks if they desire – as will all other humans in attendance!

I hear you sew the dresses while the girls are wearing them, have you ever accidentally sewn something you shouldn’t have?
O gosh, yes! The other week i sewed straight threw the tip of my finger (GOOD JOB), and I have been known to give the occasional lady a tiny stab during the fitting. It is dangerous work. Very dangerous.

The dresses aren’t the only way you’re trying to raise money. What else are you making?
I’m making headbands, socks, badges and other bits and pieces on the side to contribute to my fundraising tally! I am also hoping to do a bake sale in the near future too to raise funds! Think: i bake. you eat it…..soo exciting!

Week 8

And now for some quick, quick questions! First thing that pops into your mind when you think of…

Fire alarms going off: RUN!
Rainy days: Napping
Popcorn: Butter
Bloomers: Bottoms
Avocado: Mine
Dominoes: These girls fall…


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