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Everyone’s a Winner

4ZZZ has been nominated for three Voxie awards (the Community media equivalent of the Walkley Awards).
We’ll be heading to Hobart for the Awards Dinner, so wish us luck!
Excellence in Digital Media– 4ZZZ Zedletter (that’s us YAYAY!)
Excellence in Training– 4ZZZ The Edge Space to Play Workshops
Excellence in Spoken Word, News and Current Affairs Programming– 4ZZZ BrisbaneLine

Checkout more here: http://www.cbaa.org.au/What_We_Do/The-2010-CBAA-Awards



Dayzzzz of the Dead – An art exhibition honouring all things dead.
21st of October to the 2nd of November, Inspire Gallery Bar, 71 Vulture Street, West End. Proudly presented by Artifact – The Arts Show on Radio 4ZZZ.
Dayzzz of the Dead’s Opening Night Party is on Saturday the 23rd of October and features live music by Ilona Harker from 7.30pm
Check the 4ZZZ website for all details!



Heathen Skulls are proud to present the return of Los Angeles’s most psychic hard rock ensemble, Dead Meadow! They will be returning to Australian shores to blast out a wave of sonic riffs into the minds of those in tune with their psychic cosmos, Friday October 15 at The Globe Theatre w/ Slug Guts & Feathers. For tickets go to www.globetheatre.com.au

The Rooftops

Introducing The Rooftops. Well known in Brisbane from their long term inner city residency at The Bowery in Fortitude Valley, The Rooftops’ infectious, feet-friendly grooves, soulful storytelling and sun-drenched vibes has seen them develop a strong and dedicated home town fan base. Catch them this Friday October 15 at The Joynt.

The Snatch

Local dirty rock quartet The Snatch have just released their self titled debut EP available now at Rockinghorse Records and online at iTunes. In support of this release, The Snatch will be teaming up with The New Jack Ruby’s and Los Heuvos for some Brisbane shows in October and November. Check www.myspace.com/thesnatchoz for more details.

Strike a Chord

Did you know, the most common age to sustain a spinal cord injury is between 15 and 30, which accounts for, on average, 42% of all people who sustain a spinal cord injury. Strike a Chord is a charity event for the Spinal Injuries Association to be held at the Tempo Hotel, Stage Door room, on Sunday November 7 from 3pm. Bands include: Ninth of May, Alibrandi, Perspektiv and A Family of Strangers. Not bad for $10, hey?

St. George Bank Brisbane International Film Festival provides a focus for film culture in Queensland by showcasing the best and most interesting cinema from around the world. Each year the festival draws film enthusiasts to view an entertaining mix of local and international films, retrospectives and colourful events that embrace the vibrant art of filmmaking. The Opening Night kicks off on Thursday November 4. Programs, venue and ticket information for the St. George BIFF will be available in the lead up to the event. Check www.stgeorgebiff.com.au for more info.

Hailing from Wellington, New Zealand, The Black Seeds fuse dub, funk, and soul, with a classic reggae base. After forming in 1997, The Black Seeds have a gold album, two double-platinum selling albums, and a masterful 8-piece live show regarded as one of the finest in New Zealand. Playing live at the HiFi supported by Kingfisher on October 14. http://thehifi.com.au/events/the-black-seeds-7828/

Perth’s global gallivanters Tame Impala are fresh back from their virgin voyage around the USA in time to announce their Spring Australian Tour. Since the recent release of their debut record, InnerSpeaker, there’s been no rest for the Perth four-piece! They will be playing live in Brisbane on Saturday October 16 at The Tivoli. www.ticketek.com.au


Album Reviews:

Die! Die! Die!

Die! Die! Die!: Form (Flying Nun / Remote Control / Inertia)
It is interesting how this band’s sound has flip-flopped around. From their original rawness to the hard, bright sheen imparted by Steve Albini … and I can’t even remember what their last one sounded like, except I don’t think I liked it. This latest version, produced by Nick Roughan from the Skeptics and out on a newly revived Flying Nun is still very much post-punk and also brings great edifices of shoe-gaze guitar noise, but all produced in a profoundly restrained manner, as though the onslaught of their sound -even as it shocks with its ferocity- like a blizzard, chills you to the bone. I would be very pleased if Die! Die! Die! decided to stick with this particular sound.


Mogwai: Special Moves (Spunk)
For a lot of bands the live context is not especially their friend. Mogwai by contrast are preternaturally atuned to it. Their sinuous, post-rock energy comes alternately in whispers and then roars and pulses hypnotically across this live record. The selection of tunes is like a (very welcome) greatest hits, too, spanning their discography. Really this is a special treat from a band that are one of the defining reasons we like this kind of music.

– 4ZZZ Music Department


Live Review:

Charlie Mayfair

Charlie Mayfair Filmclip Lauch
Clubhouse 09.10.10

“Never start a review with an excuse” has always been drummed in to me. But sadly on this account I must. I chose a warm shower over getting to Clubhouse early to see the brilliance that is Montpelier. On this occasion they were appearing as a rare dynamic duo and from all accounts it was a show not to be missed. Damn.

Up next were Bonfire Nights, some pretty cool kids with vocal harmonies and a fair bit of attitude. The two piece were expanded to a three piece to include a drummer who, let’s face it, stole the show for me. She had this intensity about her that made for some amazing drumming.

Dan Parsons then took to the stage, joined by a seemingly-unrecognisable-to-me Steve Grady – maybe it was just because he was wearing a hat. Dan, dressed like he just finished a day at Rydell High, delighted with tracks from his album and finished with my personal fave, ‘Firestarter’.

Charlie Mayfair

Kicking things off for Charlie Mayfair was the reason why we were all invading personal space and sweating more than we should have – the film clip for ‘If I Fell Down’. Such a beautiful clip that involved A LOT of hairspray and black eyeshadow – or maybe that was just soot from the ever burning campfire. The kids themselves then delighted us with their presence and wow, they sure know how to sing. Dropping some newer songs, they bounced around the stage with their cuteness and their shakers before a live rendition of ‘If I Fell Down’ prompted a crowd sing-a-long. Charlie Mayfair finished up their set with ‘Bluewater’, the amazing tom-heavy, buzzing-bass and soaring-vocal affair that saw them have just a bit of fun jumping around the stage bashing things. Such a joyful end to the night.

– Rachel Tinney


i make. you wear it.

i make. you wear it.
‘i make. you wear it.’ is a fashion project by the lovely Rachel Burke who aims to make a dress a week (in a very short timeframe on a Saturday afternoon mind you) to raise $25,000 for NAPCAN: Preventing Child Abuse in Australia. You can follow her quite amusing and amazing blog (and even donate to her cause!) at http://www.imakeyouwearit.com or have a bit of a read on our blog to check out an interview I recently did with her.

– Rachel Tinney


Cyber City

Welcome To The Future…
– In the future, your menu will offer you ridiculous amounts of options, including such delicious treats as ‘Pig Intestines with Vegetables’ and ‘Cold Jellyfish’.
– In the future, not only will your restaurant serve food, but also provide you with karaoke, a pool hall and gaming arcade housing the most skill-testers per square foot in the southern hemisphere (arguable).
– In the future, wine will be drunk from tumblers, Chinese pop music will be played at ear bleeding levels and fish tanks will most certainly NOT be cleaned.

Welcome To Cyber City 2002… The Future!
This probably isn’t what the promotional flyers said decades ago when this place landed from the far reaches of the MSG galaxy but today, it’s just a few small reasons as to why this restaurant will keep you laughing pre or post party pig-out. And has it been mentioned that through all this, the food is just amazing?! Seriously, better prawn toast and singapore noodles are yet to be located, especially at 1am on a Tuesday.

Join the appreciation society on Facebook and you to can look into what the future holds – for your stomach at least.

– Benny Doyle


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