Get Up, Get Out (get on down) (in our town)


After a huge week of killer live music (including the likes D!D!D!, Dead Meadow, Sage Francis & Baroness) I was left with massive bags under my eyes, an empty wallet and a questionable amount of permanent marker spalshed all over my arms (Scott Baio is making a BIG comeback-I can assure you). Even though I might have felt like quite the raggamuffin, I did also feel alive- stay off the crack, kids- get on this life shit everyone seems to be diggin on so hard. B.a.n.a.n.a.n.a.n.a.s.

There’s some top talent coming our way so get on board and get involved;

Friday 22nd Oct (tonight)

– Mirah (USA) (PS: She’s GREAT) @ Lofly Hangar (Redhill – all ages / BYO – great venue)

– Eagle & The Worm / Ball Park Music / Blame Ringo @ The Troubdour ($10 which is totz magoatz a bargin)

– Nikko (100th show BOOM) / Mahal Kita / Running Guns / Gerald Keaney & The Gerald Keaneys @ The Nest (Davies Park, West End)

Saturday 23rd Oct

– 4ZZZ Carpark Gig (!) Pastel Blaze / Stag / Loose Grip @ 4ZZZ Carpark (2-6pm, FREE, all ages)

– Andrew Morris / Mexico City @ The Troubadour

– Howl / Parties Of Interzone / Velociraptor @ Club House (downstairs at Tempo)

PS- Come to the carpark gig @ the 4ZZZ carpark dumdums, unless you hate fun in the sun

PPS- Brisbane zombie walk on Sunday, so probs just ignore the trembling horde of the undead if you’re not a fan of getting your freak on.

Rave safe kids.


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