Another day another dollar Donny.


Thank god I can spend all day watching live NBA games on 1 and still go out & kick it w/ the rest of the world @ night- otherwise I’d totally get bummed out ’cause I missed seeing kyü at the (lovely) old museum and in some future reality I’d finally go see them at the Hifi bar and spend the whole time stuck to the floor, guzzling $10 beers in a state of harrowing regret…

Friday 29th Oct;

– Kyu / Pikelet / Nimble Animal @ Old Museum (Cnr of Gregory Terrace and Bowen Bridge Rd
Spring Hill) 8pm, $10 (srsly you aren’t going to more heartfelt warm smiles in your heart for $10).

– Talkshow Boy / Laura Hill @ Ric’s (FREE) (Talkshow Boy is NUTS. Not everyone’s cup of tea but if you dig Gameboys, electronics & getting yelled at-this will be the best place to invest your $0.00).

Saturday 30th Oct;

– Dimi Dero Inc / Hits / Obliterati @ Troubadour (8pm/$12) (!!!)

– Ice Cube / Scorcher / Briggs @ Tivoli (8pm/$89) (Ice Cube is both the best rapper AND best actor in the world…- & Briggs is totally badass, but this one is for millionaires and dealers only. I might have to stay at home and watch All About The Benjamins 2 or 3 times and huff some glue instead).

– Oh Ye Denver Birds / Ghoul (SYD) / Toy Balloon / Tiny Migrants @ The Zoo (8pm/$10) (Maybe I’ll pass on the glue and just hit up the Zoo instead- killer bands AND it’s being billed as a halloween party-so go get your freak on).

I was hoping to post a picture of zombie Ice Cube-but google images failed me-failed us all.

PS Why didn’t anyone inform me Brian Wilson / Chicago / America / Peter Frampton were tearin’ up the Riverstage?? POWERHOUSES. (my pick for worst best tour ever envisioned)


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