Lock up your monkeys – P-UKE are formed and ready to mobilse their brand of Uke disorder.

By Kenada Quinlan

Partaking in verses of monkey violation, chatting about willingly getting your sister pregnant and promoting the use of diarrhoea induced mouthwash, this Ukulele inspired trio exist only to fufill one shared desire – to make you a little sick in the throat.

Usual SpitFireLiar bass-head and founding member, Mung tells 4ZZZ more about his recent mini guitar shenanigans.

When did the P-UKE entertainment start?

The seeds were sewn during a 28 Days after party when Benny Rag (Ex-Toerag, now     vocals/bass for Deputy Dipshit) brought his Uke along…fast forward from there to a gig at the Jubilee where myself, Benny and Eamonn met up and decided to form the band there and then.

What happened next?

We booked our first gig with a month to get ready for the show – with 2 weeks left to go, we made it to Benny’s and wrote songs completely sober and coherent. I’ve stopped drinking since forming this band – I want the experience to be pure.

How do you mean pure?

Well… P-UKE have a connection that can only be verbalised through mini-instruments and the purity of sobriety.

What kind of connection?

That is something that can only be witnessed 3 dimensionally at our show – the aura is amazing…

How would you describe your sound?

Music your mum would love – lyrics your Mum would hate.

Catch the true essence of this trio at the Prince Of Whales show on November 6 with The Vampers, Harming Monica, Main Street Brats and The Irrits. For more event information, check out the Facebook gig page.


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