Review: Age of Adz, Sufjan Stevens.


I know what you’re thinking: “Heck yes, Sufjan Stevens is back! Better don my white choir robe, daisy chains, and head to the nearest open field for a frolic.” Well, hold your unicorns, guys; the god of indie folk pop has gone electronic, and I’m thinking you might want to take a seat for this one.

Futile Devices, the first track of the record, is a quiet and mellifluous song that probably belonged on an earlier album, like Seven Swans. From there, The Age of Adz gets progressively, well, crazier. The songs are still quintessentially Sufjan Stevens, with beautiful orchestral arrangements and those choir vocals, defining features all reminiscent of the majestic Illinois record. However, it seems that Sufjan Stevens has also recently developed a feel for next level beats and I’m guessing it’s because Bjork started teaching at his Sunday school.

A chaotic melange of indie folk pop and electronics may sound ugly, and at some points, the album leans a little that way, but yet again, Sufjan Stevens has proved to be an incredibly unique musician. The Age of Adz is certainly no letdown; it is a work of genius but it’s also FLIPPIN’ insane.

In this respect, I purport that Sufjan Stevens was abducted by aliens and wrote this album after returning to Earth, still spaced-out on moon drugs. There’s no other logical explanation. And when they finally find extraterrestrial life out there, I’m going to ask for the Sufjan Stevens treatment.

– Sophie.


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