Bleeding Knees Club, Virginity.


Sometimes, the dreams of youth feature musical aspirations. You know what I’m talking about; those conversations with friends that go a little something like this:

“You know what, broseph? We should start a band.”
“Yeah, totally dude.”

Usually, this pipe dream goes no further than the list of names you’ve managed to scrawl on a beer-soaked napkin, with “Best Friendz Forevs” at the top. That is, unless you happen to be the two chums from Brisbane who decided to call themselves Bleeding Knees Club.

These guys write tunes about the four pillars of youth: the opposite sex, resenting the elderly, parties and generally being raucous. The vocals are raw, the lyrics are simple and the music is as loose as they are. Virginity is an extremely infectious EP, with surf-come-garage-punk beats that make my little teenage heart pound faster than housewives at a Boxing Day sale.

Recently added to the No Years line-up, Bleeding Knees Club is also playing Woodland on the 19th of November. It’s sure to be a riot.

Check out their site for more deets:

– Sophie.


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