The Queensland National Ballet is a curious company; youthful and energetic it offers its dancers a chance to explore contemporary dance within the confines of the Russian Vaganova method of classical ballet.
In Interfused, Artistic Director Martyn Fleming has created a dance of tension and romance located within office politics. It explores themes of workplace relationships through the intersection of three couples; a janitor and a young intern, the boss and his PA and two middle-management lovers.

The QBN dancers are very young and most likely have never worked within the grey walls and oppressive atmosphere of a city corporation, yet their interaction with this soul-sucking environment is expressed beautifully through rigid postures, busy group pieces and desolate solos. The musical score turns contemporary pop songs into piano score perfect for the young dancers. The music builds throughout the performance, filling the concert hall of the Old Museum with sound. The dance flits through each pas de deux coming to a crescendo in which the corps de ballet join the principals in strenuous leaps and very fast floorwork. Interfused leaves you quite breathless and also amazed that such young dancers can express such mature and complicated themes. Keep an eye on their upcoming performances here,


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