Let the Game begin


It’s official, I am part of Woodford’s infamous “Game”. A mysterious and slightly confusing activity designed to make festival goers relinquish their inhibitions and perform dares in a bid to gain playing cards and win a coveted season pass for next year’s festival.

Now these aren’t just any playing cards. Apart from being cute and rustic, these cards come equipped with rules for the Game…

“One card per player. If you want another player’s card say: ‘I want your card’. The other player must give you a dare. If you complete the dare, they must swap their card with you. Keep dares safe, fun and legal for everyone.”

My admittance into the Game proved to be exceptionally easy – hug three strangers – a task most Woodford goers would find delightful,  not daunting. Upon completing this mission I was handed a card, an eight of diamonds to be exact, and sent on my merry way.

The next stage of the Game is ‘unlocking’ stalls, of which there are thirteen, located across the festival. I’m unsure as to what might happen next, but I can assure you with my fullest esteem, the Game has indeed begun.



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