It’s Kerry time


Here at 4ZZZ’s Woodford headquarters we have a secret admiration for the dear Kerry O’Brien.

Okay, that’s a lie on two counts.

By “we” I mean I (Siobhan, 4ZZZ blogger) and by “secret” I mean very public.

It’s been a Woodford mission of mine to find the infamous Kerry as I unfortunately missed his “Kerry on the Couch” session earlier this week. Several members of the 4ZZZ team have passed Kerry walking around the grounds (sporting gumboots I might add), though didn’t share my excitement. So when our Woodford technician Bernie today spotted Kerry dining over lunch, well let’s just say the rest is history.

Our time together included awkward chattering (predominantly on my part), a windy-sounding interview and an impromptu photograph. What a bonding experience!

If Woodford represents anything, it’s egalitarianism, though not sure if former PM Kevin Rudd is as keen for a chat (that’s for another blog post!).

Kerry’s Woodford picks: winding down from a busy year K’s enjoyed Vin Garbutt, the Whitetop Mountaineers and clog dancing lessons.

Listen in to A Touch of Frost on 4ZZZ next Tuesday from 9am (Brisbane time) for the extended Kerry O’Brien interview.

Alright, I’m off to do some more stalking, I mean walking.



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