Heartthrobs of Woodford


At a festival like Woodford, you’d be hard-pressed to not fall in love at least three times a day. With musicans and performers to suit anyone’s tastes, we in the 4ZZZ team have developed a few (minor) crushes.

The Bedroom Philosopher (pictured)

Performing at Woodford this year, singer, songwriter, actor, author and comedian (is there anything the guy doesn’t do?) Justin Heazlewood set the 4ZZZ team into bursts of giggles. With his witty social commentary, catchy tunes and nerdish appeal, The Bedroom Philosopher is a total catch. Spot him on Melbourne’s 86 tram. Post-modern indie heartthrob.

The girls from Baskery


These three rockin’ hot viking sisters brought a provocative, punkabilly passion to the stages of Woodford. A favourite amongst the 4ZZZ family, the Baskery girls are far more than pretty faces. Sweedish goddesses.

 Dan Mangan (pictured)

With his delightful ditties and humble nature, Dan Mangan is the type of boy you’d like your mother to meet. He wooed Woodford audiences with a string of toe-tapping tunes and even invited onlookers on stage for a sing-a-long session of “Robot”.Cuddly Canadian.


Tessa Nuku of Microwave Jenny

Fey and slender with a shows-stopper voice, Tessa stops hearts in their tracks even when she’s not singing. Seducing audiences with her graceful minimalism, this Wagga Wagga songstress is one to keep your eyes on. Femme fatale.

Gabby Huber of Dead Lettter Chorus (pictured)

This Sydney sweetheart no doubt stole the hearts of many with her darling vocie and ambrosial appeal. The antithesis of a “diva”, Gabby delighted us with her super friendly disposition. Cute as a button.

Tim Rogers of You Am I

Another object of 4ZZZ’s affections was Tim Rogers, the frontman of Australian rock band You Am I. Rogers performed with the band as well as playing a soft and lyrical solo set at this year’s festival. According to our Woodford producer, Gemma, Rogers is “sarcastic and bitter at the same time, yet really sweet, and his music is hauntingly beautiful”. Charming older man.

Kim Churchill

In contrast to Tim Rogers, 19-year-old Kim Churchill rates a mention for his boyish looks and cheeky stage antics. The guitarist and songwriter had a swarm of young females cheering for him during his performance with Jeff Lang at this year’s Woodford. Well, we think they were cheering for him… Smooth surfer style.

Mike Rosenberg a.k.a Passenger (pictured)

With his agreeable accent, lovelorn lyrics and comical on-stage capers, this Brighton-born troubadour is a charmer with the ladies (and presumably gents). Whilst he claims to lack the charisma of Hugh Grant, Passenger – a.k.a. Mike Rosenberg – managed to tickle the fancy of the 4ZZZ team. British balladeer.

The 4ZZZ Woodford team wishes you a Happy New Year & hopes all your crush-related dreams come true in 2011!


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