Live Review – HEALTH, The Death Set, DZ


At Woodland Bar: 15.01.11

DZ destroy from the outset with a brash sound full of trash and blues influenced minimal rock numbers. Compared with the bands that are following on tonight’s bill, the band are less showy and hung up on aesthetic and fashion elements and more focused on a wall of noise that is nothing short of pulverising, Shane Parsons especially brutal with his six string onslaught.

Since it was music that pushed THE DEATH SET to relocate to the east coast of America and considering they have managed to work with both Diplo and Spank Rock on their upcoming release Michel Poiccard, it shouldn’t be out of the question to expect a bit more from the band, both with regards to song substance and performance. The short set however is vaguely interesting with its mildly novel appeal being lost at speed. Johnny Siera knows how to work a room and manages to at least get the dancefloor curious with his antics on stage but as a poor man’s Test Icicles, they frankly don’t cut it.

But reflectively, no one is really here for The Death Set. It is all about the return of LA art rockers HEALTH. The jarring, brutal sound that blasts from the speakers the minute they hit the stage is nothing short of math metal madness and sends the pit into chaos. Not a band renowned for banter or their friendly disposition on stage, songs are lined up and knocked down without so much as a smile but the drumming of BJ Miller is truly a wonder to behold, the hairy behemoth dominating his kit through tracks like Triceratops. The additional percussion added by guitarist Jupiter Keyes and bassist John Famiglietti adds both depth in sound and fantastic performance value to the show while We Are Water and the dreamy vocals of Jake Duzsik are breathtaking. But the singer eventually loses it due to sound issues and the apparent tension on the stage permeates the air with an uncomfortable vibe the band can’t shake for the remaining half of the set. The deformed beauty of Die Slow is a late highlight that makes you recall the most pornographic of NIN tunes but even with a formidable live show tonight, it’s apparent the band didn’t enjoy themselves and no one in the crowd will ever really know why.


Benny Doyle



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