Gentle Ben and His Sensitive Side


by Benny Doyle


Opening the evening are drifting fuzz kids Keep On Dancin’s and although you can sense there is a vision to what they’re trying to achieve, the execution is far from perfect. When the pop melodies rise above the low-fi shoegazing wash of noise, you can almost feel the seasalt encrusting on your skin through the vocals of Jacinta Walker and Yuri Johnson. However the tracks get bogged down in a messy mix all too frequently with the quieter moments of the set
lacking punch.

With twin towering synth and keys already putting Seja at odds with the overall vibe of the evening, the fun and ever playful local songstress provides a quirky mash-up of sounds both familiar and foreign. Beautiful orchestral  dreamscapes like that of I’ll Get To You provide a complete aural experience while the uplifting fun of Silver In My Eye is childlike in a way that makes you dream longingly for your old Commodore ’64. Tackling a plethora of sounds
and sonic emotions, Seja never fails to provide an experience that is as much chin stroker as it is completely elating.

Ben Corbett is one of this country’s prized underground frontmen. But away from the chaos of SixFtHick, he holds a swagger and swoon that emanates from the music of Gentle Ben & His Sensitive Side. With new album Magnetic Island to promote, the clarity of Corbett’s vocal delivery is a shot in the arm while HSS sail along with a western rock twang that compliments seamlessly. The twisted tales of life loved, love lost and hearts won proves to be thought provoking and engaging while Corbett’s twisted, jarring movements sporadically make you worry he could still leap from his skin and smash a glass on his head, or yours, at any moment – exactly what live music should be.


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