Griff the Invisible


– by Melanie Dinjaski

Starring: Ryan Kwanten, Maeve Dermody, Patrick Brammall, Toby Schmitz

Writer/Director: Leon Ford

Starring a fully clothed and clean shaven Ryan Kwanten (sorry True Blood fans) Griff the Invisible
shakes up the superhero genre like never before.

After the first clichéd line – “Get outta my neighbourhood” – delivered by a man in a rubber suit, you
may think otherwise. But whoa there now. This superhero is a little different.


Griff (Kwanten) is the softly spoken, doe-eyed, lonely, do-gooder who feeds alley cats and hates
his nine-to-five job. By day he is a Client Liaison Officer for DHL, but by night he becomes Griff the

Whether he’s fighting crime or his arch nemesis Tony, the womanising work bully with a bad haircut,
there’s no job too small for this hero. His inner city apartment is full of high tech superhero gear,
including an all important red phone that receives calls directly from the police commissioner
and…okay, so it does sound pretty cliché.

But all is not as it seems.

Without giving the plot away, the best way to approach this film, is to go in thinking of it as a little-
known indie production. Forget who Ryan Kwanten is and forget Superman. This is not a regular
superhero flick. Everything is over the top and quirky and not to be taken seriously.

For instance, when in need of advice Griff turns to Wikipedia. I know right! Finally a Gen Y superhero
that we can relate to! I mean honestly, who can afford an Alfred Pennyworth in this day and age?

And it gets weirder when we meet Griff’s love interest, Melody (Maeve Dermody), the equally
awkward experimentalist – that’s right kids they’re not called scientists anymore! In Melody’s spare
time she falls off things, does surveys about surveys and has romantic dates at her parents’ house.
Oh, and she frequently attempts to walk through walls.

Perfect for each other yes? Perhaps. If only Melody wasn’t the girlfriend of Tim, Griff’s somewhat
irritating, but well-meaning brother.

How will our hero work through this doozy?

At worst, Griff the Invisible is one of the most clichéd superhero films ever made. But at best, it’s a
fascinating take on a stale and previously predictable genre. The haters will say it’s an example of
why Australian film struggles – no budget, no pizzazz, no direction, no oomph. While those who love
it will say it’s a good laugh, with a whole lot of heart in the deeper, more solemn moments thrown
in to keep the story honest. A fun soundtrack provided by Sydney band ‘Kids at Risk’ also ensures
there’s never a dull moment in the film.

With well received screenings at the Berlin Film Festival and Toronto Film Festival, Griff the Invisible

is certainly worth seeing, and it should sit well with most audiences.

Check it out. There’s never been a superhero so adorable.

…well maybe Tobey McGuire’s Spiderman comes close.

Griff the Invisible is in theatres March 17.



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