Interviews Department – Working hard!


The newly-established, and fast-growing, Interviews Department here at 4ZZZ have been run off their feet for the past few months. Their fearless leader Sarah and interns/lab rats Ava, Ellen and Krissi have been busy organising interviews, conducting interviews, editing interviews, archiving interviews and generally doing a whole bunch of interview related tasks, for the benefit of 4ZZZ’s listeners (and readers. Thanks for checking out the blog!). is the place where you can have a listen to, and download the podcast of, just a few of the many interviews that the fantastic 4ZZZ announcers and staff conduct on a daily basis with some great local, national and international bands!

New podcasts become available all the time, so keep your ears tuned to your radio (102.1fm of course!), your eyes on our podcast page and just kick back and enjoy life!

*      *      *      *      *

For all interview requests and enquiries, email

Please Note: Whilst we want to do the best job possible, please be aware that the entire Interviews department are volunteers. We still need to work paying jobs, do our homework, hang with friends and find five minutes to stand in a meadow at dusk. Please be patient with response times and allow enough notice to enable us to give your request the time it deserves. Details we need on every occasion are: Talent’s Name and bio, Exact date and time of availability, contact phone number and email address. If you’d like to thank us and are already a 4ZZZ subscriber, feel free to drop in some lamingtons on a Friday or take us to lunch.


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