The Belligerents EP Launch Review


The Belligerents

The Belligerents / Young Men Dead / Millions

Woodland: 26.03.11

by Rachel Tinney

Even though there was a LOT going on on Saturday night (Dan Kelly and Gareth Liddiard were at the Zoo and then there was the monster that was Ric’s Big Backyard Festival with the likes of You Am I, Pangaea and Die! Die! Die!) The Belligerents’ Less Arty, More Party EP launch managed to sell out fairly early, ensuring that Brisbane’s appreciation for local music is still alive and kicking.


First to hit the party-ready stage covered in streamers and balloons are relatively new band Millions. For only their second show, they quite easily manage to lure people from their faraway seats and get them shuffling their feet on the dance floor. The only thing is, the movements on stage don’t seem to match the enthusiasm from the crowd. But hey, like I said, it was their second show. Surely with some more under their belt they’ll develop that onstage chemistry and charisma I’m sure is there.

Young Men Dead

Next up on the bill are Young Men Dead. Renown for their energetic live performances the indie/electronica band do not disappoint. James Wright, proves his worth on the night by once again taking to the stage (earlier him and his curly mop of hair were drumming for Millions) to provide some fast-paced beats to get those dancing feet moving. Lead singer Beaver (aka David Thomas) gets in on the groove, skillfully moving around the stage, picking up a saxophone at times and climbing onto Wright’s bass drum to finish the set on a high, quite literally.

The Belligerents

After the final notes from Young Men Dead fade away and the DJ starts spinning some tunes, people begin to really get their party shoes on, anticipating a sweaty and fun-filled set from The Belligerents. Stepping up onto the stage to launch their EP there is a definite lack of art from the boys who I’ve seen before in some quirky costumes. Tonight it’s just the generic skinnies and tee combo with a beaded hat here, some oversized glasses there and a crash helmet on drummer Sam Sargent (for safety reasons, obviously…). But nevertheless the party is most definitely there.

The Belligerents

All members of the band are equal both in their talent and stage presence, working together as one and building on the electrifying energy already abuzz throughout the room. It is easy to see why the night sold out so quickly. Every track goes down a treat with the audience, with new single Such A Crime garnering a pretty raucous response. The party energy builds well and truly through their set, with three out of the five boys jumping into the crowd to indulge in a bit of crowd surfing. Regrettably the set comes to an end, but not before they bow to the crowd’s demands and return to the stage for a quick encore – sweaty, shirtless and armed with a fuckload of confetti. An incredible end to the set that definitely lives up to the Less Arty, More Party theme.


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