About 4ZZZ

4ZzZ is Brisbane’s best independent, community radio station, blasting fresh local and underground music through your radio as well as alternative news, independent culture and the promotion of community action and activism.

You can tune into 102.1 fm to hear all sorts of music including indie, punk, rock, dancehall, reggae, noise, electronica, ska and drum & bass. The 4ZZZ library is a goldmine of awesome music, each week around 60 new releases come into the 4ZZZ library – 60 % of these are local and Australian releases.

Unlike most other radio stations, our announcers don’t adhere to playlists – this means they play what they want to, when they want to. All that is implemented is a quota system, so we continue to play a significant amount of female, Australian, Brisbane and new music. We also have heaps of great giveaways every day for our subscribers as well as a broad spectrum of current affairs, news and issues based programs.

4ZZZ Blog

With the 4ZZZ Blog, we’ll be looking to keep the vibe of the station going, with a real big focus on local Brisbane happenings. We want to mix things up a bit, and not just talk about music (Although there’ll be plenty of that), but also help engage readers in the issues affecting the world around them. We want to shine a light on the awesome stuff around us that doesn’t necessarily have a huge PR machine already behind them. We’ll still be ffinding our feet for the next couple months, but stick around. It’s going to be all types of Awesome & Win.

Our main website can be found at www.4zzzfm.org.au

Media Contacts

4ZzZ 102.1FM is Brisbane’s youth focused independent, community radio station located in Fortitude Valley. We represent all types of music, events, people and organisations that are not represented in mainstream media.

Please direct all media enquiries for 4ZzZ FM to

The General Manager
Tracey Newman
264 Barry Parade
Fortitude Valley QLD 4006
Phone: 07 3252 1555


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