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Jhonny Russell & The Mystery School and Pow Pow Wow @ Rics

July 17, 2011

Band sketches at Rics Bar, 16-7-11.

Jhonny Russell And The Mystery School

Pow Pow Wow

-Emmanuel Hernaez


Surfers Paradise Oneway Project Band Sketches 9-7-11

July 10, 2011

Part of the Surfers Paradise Festival here in the Gold Coast, The Oneway Project brought together art stalls, live graffiti art and live music in one little lane in Surfers. Despite being a cold day and being out of practice, I had heaps of fun trying to sketch the bands. Bonus points for being able to test drive an ipad for field work as well. Must endeavour to do more…
-Emmanuel Hernaez

Steph Pickett
Steph Pickett
The Winnie Coopers
Winnie Coopers
Winnie Coopers

Sleeping Beauty

July 1, 2011

The Australian drama Sleeping Beauty promises so much. I watched the trailer over and over again hoping to discover what story lurks behind it’s provoking title and bleak frames.

The story follows young Lucy, a uni student in need of cash, who finds herself working as a “sleeping beauty”. In this job she is willingly drugged and clients are allowed to spend a night in her unconscious presence.

For a film based on such a taboo topic, the most disturbing part is that I am walking out of the cinema without being emotionally effected at all. It has been suggested that this was a deliberate decision made by director Julia Leigh, however I can’t help but feel disappointed that a film with such taboo content is devoid of any social commentary.

The film was beautifully cast, and it’s intriguing miserable visuals unfold at a haunting pace, but sadly for such a promising concept, I have nothing more to write about.

Activist Film Festival

June 11, 2011

By Kate Herrington

It is a lazy Sunday afternoon and a small crowd is gathered outside the debut of the Activist Film Festival. Walking into the Tribal Theatre foyer there is a beautiful, relaxed atmosphere as groups of patrons lounge and digest the Australian premiere of “The Green Wave” which just finished screening.

It soon becomes obvious that the heartbeat of this event is not only a hand picked selection of highly acclaimed films, but art and music too. On a small stage Jason Lowe strums his acoustic guitar as graffiti proudly displays striking images of Gandhi, John Lennon and Martin Luther King. Festival director Coleman explains that these images were created and donated by Billabong designer, intended to promote “activism” with messages of peace.

The festival has run 100% off donations and volunteers, and as I wait to watch the unbelievable story of “If A Tree Falls”, I am excited to see that the theatre looks sold out. Before the screening, Coleman talks about his passion to see the word “activism” up in lights, and expresses his shock and excitement that this event is the first of its kind, but I find this hard to swallow.

Brisbane has a strong collection of activist groups who provide the community with inspiring film, music and art events. Perhaps then, the festival is the first to show work under the diverse umbrella “activism” in such a mainstream, accessible way.

As I leave the cinema, it is inspiring to hear people from all over Australia passionately talking and networking together. One can only hope they are plotting the next event which will continue to put “activism” in such a positive light before the Activist Film Festival returns next year.

After popular demand, a $10 re-screening of “If a Tree Falls” and “The Green Wave” will be held on 25th June. These films have to be seen, and they cannot be downloaded… see you there!

Battles – Gloss Drop

June 5, 2011

Review by Kate Herrington

Thanks to the Skins Season 2 soundtrack, I fell in love with the New York rock band “Battles” earlier this year. Considering their debut album “mirrored” was released four years ago, some might call me a late bloomer, however I am now an obsessive fan driving home from the 4zzz studios to listen to their latest release – Gloss Drop.

This album flows beautifully through 12 sophisticated equations of diverse texture and speed. It sounds like these experimental boys have become quirkier since we last heard from them, taking us into a world where steel drums don’t sound cliché and hand claps are not indie.

This is the bands first release without the charismatic fourth member and vocalist Tyondai Braxton. Although there are numerous guest vocalist appearances, they do not compare, and I feel Battles work could be just as powerful if the album remained a voiceless abyss. Gloss Drop is wonderfully engaging, but as the CD spins I can’t help listening for a track to match the success of their most known song “Atlas”, it never comes.

For me, the music of Battles has an intensity that requires solo listening, and this release is no exception. Gloss Drop is quite an intense, enjoyable collection of tracks which will be on high rotation for those in the know.

Who The Eff Stole My Year?? and other fine stories for the month of December…

December 1, 2010

That’s right, it’s December 2010.. and it’s slightly depressing to think of how all good years must come to an end. To celebrate the year that was, the staff here at 4ZZZ will be putting up some of their favourite albums of the year in the weeks leading up to the New Year!

To start things off, I’d thought I’d share just a few memorable moments in music from 2010. I tried to create a list of my 10 favourite releases, but failed miserably and couldn’t bare to chisel it down from 17. These are in no particular order, so enjoy!

Mountain Man Made The Harbor (USA) Spunk Records, June

Nick Cave & Warren Ellis The Road Soundtrack (Australia) Mute/EMI, January

Eddy Current Suppression Ring Rush To Relax (Melbourne) Shock Records, February

Caught Ship Start Dencing Dad, Start Dencing(Footscray) New Weird Australia/Bedroom Suck

Cup Suits/Skerreks Cup Suits/Skerreks (Brisbane) Unique Beautiful Flowers, July

Kyu Kyu (Sydney) Pop Frenzy, September

My Disco Little Joy (Melbourne) Shock/Mistletone, September

King Khan & BBQ Show Invisible Girl (Canada) In The Red, February
Blonde Redhead Penny Sparkle (USA) 4AD/Remote Control, September
Lewis O’Leary Eating The Afterbirth (Brisbane) Independent release, April

Gareth Liddiard Strange Tourist (Melbourne) Shock Records, October
Scott & Charlene’s Wedding Para Vista Social Club (Melbourne) Independent release, July
The Black Keys Brothers (USA) Shock Records, May

White Woods Bellplay (Melbourne) Sensory Projects, May
Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings I Learned The Hard Way (USA) Daptone Records/Shock, March
Fabulous Diamonds Untitled II (Melbourne) Chapter Music, May

Women Public Strain (Canada) Jagjaguwar/Inertia, August

Liza Harvey

My Disco & Absolute Boys review

November 30, 2010

I’m slowly becoming more and more convinced that tom drums make people lose any sense of self control. My Disco and Absolute Boys at The Zoo on Saturday night presented no exception to this rule.

Adelaide trensters Absolute Boys started off the evening playing to an unfortunately nearly empty room. The few punters scattered around The Zoo were far from given an empty performance, however. Absolute Boys were tight and expressive, combining catchy pop tunes with fierce and jagged eccentricities. Their stage presence I found to be polite, but extremely “cool” at the same time. And “cool” is definitely a key word for this review. Absolute Boys had a definite hipster vibe going on, with a clear vision of trend beaming out amongst the plaid button-up shirts, layers of bass delay and slashing guitar layered on top of the soft and precise vocals. But, you know what, I’m not even saying that’s a bad things. As hipster tre cool as the Absolute Boys may have come across, there was also a “reformed boys from the Adelaide burbs” vibe too, which acted as a sort of subtext to their whole performance. So don’t get me wrong, I absolutely loved the Absolute Boys set. They were thoroughly enjoyable and made me want to dance, and this could never lead to a bad thing.

I admittingly didn’t hang around for the Slug Guts set. They seem to be playing every show in Brisbane lately, along with a couple of other bands who seem to be dominating all the shows and venues around town. And personally, I’m getting pretty sick of Brisbane’s entire underground music scene being represented by three or four bands. So this is the reason I didn’t stay to watch them.

While I found quite a few similarities between the Absolute Boys and My Disco sets in terms of repition, driving basslines, vast walls of sound and insistent minimalism, there was a real rawness harnessed by My Disco which makes it easy to see how so many people have become obsessed with them. They played their entire new album Little Joy from start to finish, with slight deviations away from the recorded version of the songs. As you have heard, Little Joy is not a participants album in the way that it is a mesmerizing one. My Disco have created a repetitious monster of the trance kind, and Saturday night they unleashed it onto The Zoo patrons with an unstoppable force. The little lighted worked perfectly with the minimalistic sounds of My Disco and created a great atmosphere. While I was a little disappointed when I found out they were going to play Little Joy from start to finish (why should I pay an extra $20 to hear something I already have), I think it made sense. It was a very complete set that went through all the right levels of energy and intensity like waves.

Overall, it was a really awesome night with quite an interesting lineup. There was all the genetic makeup here for a possibly mediocre evening, but My Disco brought their balls to the table and once again proved that they are probably one of the most unique bands in Australia right now, and definitely one of my favourite.

Liza Harvey

Fizzy Good Make Feel Nice (Highly Suggested Fun Times for the Weekend)

November 18, 2010

The Bleeding Knees Club
Friday November 19th
Woodland Bar
Good times to be had by all

Gareth Liddiard (The Drones)
Friday November 19th
The Old Museum
$25.50 Oztix
Songs to melt your brain to

w/The Keep On Dancin’s
Saturday November 20th
FREE before 10pm, $5 after

Many a good theme song to dance to – or murder to

… Admit it, everyone likes free stuff (New Weird Australia)

November 14, 2010

Come on, you have to admit it. When it comes to music especially, nothing can top getting it for free – especially legally!

New Weird Australia is an organization based down south that loves to give give and give music away with compilation albums available for free download every two months. These compilations are fantastic and include new, interesting, weird and experimental music from around Australia. Artists involved with the New Weird Australia compilations include Alps, Paint Your Golden Face, Bum Creek, Caught Ship, Justice Yeldham, Ambrose Chapel and Anna Chase amongst other undiscovered delights.

I highly recommend New Weird Australia to anyone and everyone as it’s a fantastic way to discover the fantastic music that Australia has to offer. Check out their website here and enjoy!

Liza Harvey

Bleeding Knees Club, Virginity.

November 14, 2010

Sometimes, the dreams of youth feature musical aspirations. You know what I’m talking about; those conversations with friends that go a little something like this:

“You know what, broseph? We should start a band.”
“Yeah, totally dude.”

Usually, this pipe dream goes no further than the list of names you’ve managed to scrawl on a beer-soaked napkin, with “Best Friendz Forevs” at the top. That is, unless you happen to be the two chums from Brisbane who decided to call themselves Bleeding Knees Club.

These guys write tunes about the four pillars of youth: the opposite sex, resenting the elderly, parties and generally being raucous. The vocals are raw, the lyrics are simple and the music is as loose as they are. Virginity is an extremely infectious EP, with surf-come-garage-punk beats that make my little teenage heart pound faster than housewives at a Boxing Day sale.

Recently added to the No Years line-up, Bleeding Knees Club is also playing Woodland on the 19th of November. It’s sure to be a riot.

Check out their site for more deets:

– Sophie.