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Surfers Paradise Oneway Project Band Sketches 9-7-11

July 10, 2011

Part of the Surfers Paradise Festival here in the Gold Coast, The Oneway Project brought together art stalls, live graffiti art and live music in one little lane in Surfers. Despite being a cold day and being out of practice, I had heaps of fun trying to sketch the bands. Bonus points for being able to test drive an ipad for field work as well. Must endeavour to do more…
-Emmanuel Hernaez

Steph Pickett
Steph Pickett
The Winnie Coopers
Winnie Coopers
Winnie Coopers


So Zed Got a Face Lift!

August 26, 2010

The new front face of the 4ZzZ building on Barry Pde Fortitude Valley as created by Beastman!

And of the back of the building got a bit of paint job too…

Liza Harvey

Beyond the Banana Curtain Launch Band Sketchies..

August 21, 2010

A fun night with Nikko, Turnpike, Monster Zoku Onsomb and 6Ft Hick rocking out with glorious abandon. Had lots of fun sketching and was exhausted for it.



6FT Hick


Monster Zuko Onsomb

More Zoku!

Taterstomp 2010 Sketches

July 8, 2010

I had heaps of fun at my first Taterstomp last week. Despite some indecision and fighting the effects of a 50 hour work week, I managed to get back into band sketches. A little too rusty but it’s a start.

The Sugar Shakers

Ten Four

Corn Liquor

Sketchies and Cd Reviews

July 5, 2010

On The Wall..

Cd Reviews…

Dubmarine & Laneous And The Family Yah- “Mash Up”(Bird Fire Records)

“Mash Up” sees the local lads and lasses combine forces to release something a little different yet a good fit. Super Mega-team-combo sound attack, maybe? A little chaotic, never commercial and always refreshing live, I was pleasantly impressed by this four-track team-up. The songs have a bit of a dub feel with “E.V.O.L.V.E.D.” opening the attack with Laneous’s rap/soul vocal styling. “Chip” and “Bubblegum” trades rhythms to interesting and I found that I liked this version of “Bubblegum” to the original. “Non Stopper” closes things with a shout-out to the local roots music scene with it’s hand-claps and vocal melodies. “Mash Up” is a good team-up between the two local groups and It would be a sight to see live.

The Dynamites Featuring Charles Walker- “Burn It Down”(Outta Sight Records)

“Burn It Down” is a great funk and soul cocktail courtesy of Charles Walker and The Dynamites. Walker, a veteran in the genre, gives a strong performance befitting his skill and experience. His powerful vocals are equality backed up by The Dynamites’ proficiency in crafting good funk and soul. There is a good showcase of songs from funky opener “Burn It Down”, slow and soulful “I Got Love (For You)” to the upbeat “The Third Degree” to satisfy music lovers. I was quite satisfied with this album and little disappointed that I missed the chance to see them live recently.

The Vaudeville Smash- “Hey/Drunken Cowgirl”

Listening to The Vaudeville Smash’s entree for their upcoming EP was a surprising and a tad retro. The more I listen to the “Hey/Drunken Cowgirl” single, the more I’m reminded of all 80’s music I grew up with. Their sound is clean, upbeat and infectiously, toe-tapping pop of the Steely Dan, Hall and Oats with a dash of Prince variety as exemplified by “Hey”. The opening of “Drunken Cowgirl” really reminded me of George Benson with the singer’s vocals and the the song’s similar sensibilities and hooks. I blame my parents for even knowing who George Benson is. All in all, I like the retro influence of The Vaudeville Smash and could do with more 80’s pop.

Another awesome live gig!!

Coming up next…Taterstomp ’10 sketchies

-Manny Zig Poska

The Outpost’s I Used To Skate Once #6 Review

June 29, 2010

The Outposts’ 6th annual “I Used To Skate Once” exhibition was definitely a night of visual and sonic delights. The artworks were all displayed and hung around the windows of The Zoo and down in the alleyway, making every turn into a new encounter of cultural pleasure. I stupidly enough forgot to copy down the names of the artists whose work I enjoyed the most, but I have included a few photos of the displays so hopefully you’ll still be able to appreciate some of the fantastic artworks.

The artworks were highlighted by local bands Per Purpose, The Deadnotes feat. The Legend, Community and Sydney group Songs donning the two stages at The Zoo. I really enjoyed the evening, as it brought together some really interesting people and the artworks and bands were chosen very creatively, making for a great night.

Per Purpose - photograph by Ashlea Gleeson

Per Purpose were the first to take to the stage, delivering their raw, high-energy sound to a capacity full laneway. I think a few people were a little confronted by the volume level, but I much rather enjoyed the boys’ performance. There were a few technical troubles I noticed in the beginning of their set, but it all seemed to work out fairly well in the end. One of the things I loved about the Per Purpose set was definitely the energy that leadman Glen Schenau and bassist Harry Byrne brought to the stage. They’re young, talented and moody and don’t have any hesitations with their style in making it as chunky and angular as possible. As I said, I think a few people in the crowd were a little confronted by this, but I thoroughly enjoyed their set.

Due to the amount of people trying to get into The Zoo even after maximum capacity was filled, I missed out on checking out Community until the last verse of their set. But it was great to see so many people supporting IUSO and getting into it.

Deadnotes feat The Legend - photograph by Ashlea Gleeson

Deadnotes feat. The Legend were definitely the highlight of the evening. They were entertaining, inventive and just downright awesome. The Legend (Everett True) added his own two-bit to the set, commenting on things here and there about the event, Brisbane and just his greater life knowledge. My favourtie quote of his for the evening was “watching Deadnotes feat the Legend won’t provide you with much economic revenue, but it will give you cultural revenue.” That along with lyrics like “I want to fuck a man with a beard” and “there two types of songs – love songs and monster songs. I love you AAHHH! I love you AAHHH!” provided some serious entertainment. Deadnotes created a great groove between them as they moved in and out of subtle melodic changes, making a set of awesome songs that drew you in with their repetitiveness. They have a real talent by making repetition interesting and keeping you involved through their entire set. They’re an awesome band and I would definitely recommend checking them out.

Songs - photograph by Ashlea Gleeson

Songs, as usual, were tight and beautiful. It was a really great end to the IUSO night with their melodic tunes filling the main room of The Zoo. In a sense they served two purposes; to entertain those who were willing to stop and listen, but also created a great backdrop of music for those still lingering around the artworks. Their stage presence wasn’t great, but I think their music really made up for it, which was why it worked so well within the context of the exhibition. Songs really made for a great end to the night.

Well done Outpost!

– Liza Harvey

Some Cultured Stuff For Youse

June 23, 2010

Yes, the heading is a joke, for any of you questioning my sanity or appropriateness in approaching cultural content.

The weekend ahead holds many a cultural delight for all you artistic types as well as the next installment of the Label Parties in Fortitude Valley.

The Outpost Presents:

I Used To Skate Once (art exhibition + music)

This is the 6th annual “I Used To Skate Once” exhibition organized by The Outpost’s Matt Brady and looks to be an absolute delight. The exhibition involves a collection of visual artists from around the world who bring with them a variety of styles, ideas, practices and intentions for your viewing pleasure. There’s also a host of local and national bands performing on the night.
Some of the visual artists involved include:
Porous Walker

Marcus Oakley

Stefan Marx
Andrew Gordon
Amber B Dianda
(see their blogspot for entire list cause there’s heaps!)

Music on the night from:
Per Purpose

Songs (Sydney)

Deadnotes feat The Legend (Everett True)
Community (formerly Stemford Hiss)
Swede Tooth

For more information check out the “I Used To Skate Once” blog. There’s an entire list of all the artists involved and on the bands as well.

Presented By the Brisbane City Council
Label Parties #4
Bedroom Suck Records

Come support Brisbane’s local music scene! Three fantastic Brisbane bands + some Sydney kids play free in the Valley mall as part of the Brisbane City Council’s Label Parties.
These bands are fantastic live and a seminal part of the Brisbane music scene so come along and see these guys in action. I recommend wearing sensible shoes and not your favourite shirt – you may just lose and rip them respectively.

Blank Realm
Polyfox and the Union of the Most Ghosts (Sydney)
Knee Chin
Kitten Party

Liza Harvey

Angry Banana Person Reviews CDs

June 16, 2010

on the wall...

Survived my first Brain-Banana and it a good way. Dub-step is hard to dance to but still fun and painfull. Even the 2 hour trip home was worth it.
Now Cd reviews….

Los Amigos Invisibles- “Commercial”(GOZADERA RECORDS)
Effortlessly Smooth is all I can think of when listening to “Commercial”. This is the first time I’ve heard of the Venezuelan latin-dance group and I’m hooked. The first three shots really sets the mood of the album with disco and funky mixes and hits keep giving. Listening to this, I’m reminded of the stuff my parents/elders listened to when I was younger and the Amigos do a good job bringing that era of music with the sensibilities of the now. I enjoyed my fifty minutes and I’d gladly dance to “Mentiras” or “Viviré Para Ti” even if it makes me look like an idiot.

A French Butler Called Smith- “The Milkdrop Circus”
Gold Coast lads A French Butler Called Smith let loose their debut album and it’s quite a ride. I saw them a while back down in the coast and despite knowing zilch of them, was pleasantly surprised. Their brand of “organic dance music” had the crowd of mostly women dancing gleefully. Very high energy, upbeat stuff. “Milkdrop Circus” brings all that live energy shenanigans into album form and it’s mostly there. The lad’s funk-latin-gypsy fusion make for a good excuse to dance with your significant other or a random cutie. Definitely worth checking out live or at least the next best thing. Oh, and they were fun to sketch despite all of the cute women dancing.

That was a fun gig!

dance-tastic evening!

-Manuel Zig Poska

Calling all Musicians, Artists and Performers

June 16, 2010

Hey Team,

This is a plug, but a good one. It’s about Backbone’s 2high Festival for 2010.
2high Festival is calling all artists, musicians and performers to apply for this years Festival on the 12th&13th of November at The Powerhouse

Come one, come all. 2high is Brisbane’s own grassroots, emerging art festival (17th year and counting).
Stir the sleeping machine.
Observe it rumbling, roaring, pushing, pulling, trembling, hissing, sighing…breathing.
You are the missing part. Rewire its senses. Awaken the Machine.

2high Festival is Australia’s one-of-a-kind multi-arts experience for young and emerging artists & cultural producers.
It is an unpretentious showcase of the amazing mix of the local visual artists, musicians and performers we have haunting this great city.
This is our biggest year yet, so don’t be shy.

may I redirect you here?

any questions?

look forward to it.

1. 2. 3…

Art ‘gig’ listings

May 28, 2010

Artists in Brisbane are quite busy these days. I can barely keep up.
Well… monetarily I can. Why? Because most local and emerging art things are FREE (not just because Centerlink finally decided to cough up the dough).
Isn’t that great?
I haven’t really had a chance to go to as many exhibitions as I would like. It’s not my fault, honest. I have been under the iron fist of responsibility (getting old blows)

So to ‘cut to the chase’ – here’s a mighty long list for you to peruse (or skip straight past, which is also fine)

– now til Til 1st August. Now open for submissions
Virion is a screen based digital art exhibition that links to public sites across Brisbane. You are invited to participate in this exhibition by uploading video and digital images via the website. Works will be broadcast via this site and also collated on DVD’s that will be shown on multiple screens across Brisbane.


– opens 29th at 6pm – that’s this Saturday
@ Browning St Studios – West End
Cheap art on Paper. And also cheap art NOT on paper (amazing). Will be live music by The Schafer Family

Stones Corner Project – Afternoon Delight
– Sunday 30th May @4pm – 7pm
meet @ the “Big Fig Tree outside the Pub” at 4pm.
Bring a ball of wool or pre-knitted/crocheted piece to join a craft army of bombers who are ‘blanketing’ the main drag at Stones Corner.

(—that was probably the most puns in a row I’ve ever achieved).

First of all, last of all
by Sebastian Moody
– Friday 4th June from 6pm
@Level 3, Metro Arts – Edward St, City
No Frills* brings you this One Night Edition. This is a must see. Sebastian Moody is a conceptual artist with a diverse practice. The list is longer, but Moody has been featured in Realtime Arts Magazine, exhibited at Next Wave 08. As well as working in Public Art and ‘guerilla’ art.

AND if you fancy an old fashioned “Art Crawl”

Jugglers Artspace is also opening
Bad Pixel Exhibition – A New Media All-you-can-eat Feast– Friday 4th June from 6pm
@ Jugglers – 103 Brunswick St
Exhibiting work from artists currently undertaking studies in Digital & New Media at the Queensland College of Art, Bad Pixel breaks with traditional forms of object-based practice to reveal a selection of new moving-image artworks.
Want to see Jugglers transform their space into a world of video art installations?
Go here for more details >>>

Phew. That’s all I can manage tonight.

Feel free to comment if you have any questions or would like me to list something for you/review an exhibition.