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Surfers Paradise Oneway Project Band Sketches 9-7-11

July 10, 2011

Part of the Surfers Paradise Festival here in the Gold Coast, The Oneway Project brought together art stalls, live graffiti art and live music in one little lane in Surfers. Despite being a cold day and being out of practice, I had heaps of fun trying to sketch the bands. Bonus points for being able to test drive an ipad for field work as well. Must endeavour to do more…
-Emmanuel Hernaez

Steph Pickett
Steph Pickett
The Winnie Coopers
Winnie Coopers
Winnie Coopers


Heartthrobs of Woodford

December 31, 2010

At a festival like Woodford, you’d be hard-pressed to not fall in love at least three times a day. With musicans and performers to suit anyone’s tastes, we in the 4ZZZ team have developed a few (minor) crushes.

The Bedroom Philosopher (pictured)

Performing at Woodford this year, singer, songwriter, actor, author and comedian (is there anything the guy doesn’t do?) Justin Heazlewood set the 4ZZZ team into bursts of giggles. With his witty social commentary, catchy tunes and nerdish appeal, The Bedroom Philosopher is a total catch. Spot him on Melbourne’s 86 tram. Post-modern indie heartthrob.

The girls from Baskery


These three rockin’ hot viking sisters brought a provocative, punkabilly passion to the stages of Woodford. A favourite amongst the 4ZZZ family, the Baskery girls are far more than pretty faces. Sweedish goddesses.

 Dan Mangan (pictured)

With his delightful ditties and humble nature, Dan Mangan is the type of boy you’d like your mother to meet. He wooed Woodford audiences with a string of toe-tapping tunes and even invited onlookers on stage for a sing-a-long session of “Robot”.Cuddly Canadian.


Tessa Nuku of Microwave Jenny

Fey and slender with a shows-stopper voice, Tessa stops hearts in their tracks even when she’s not singing. Seducing audiences with her graceful minimalism, this Wagga Wagga songstress is one to keep your eyes on. Femme fatale.

Gabby Huber of Dead Lettter Chorus (pictured)

This Sydney sweetheart no doubt stole the hearts of many with her darling vocie and ambrosial appeal. The antithesis of a “diva”, Gabby delighted us with her super friendly disposition. Cute as a button.

Tim Rogers of You Am I

Another object of 4ZZZ’s affections was Tim Rogers, the frontman of Australian rock band You Am I. Rogers performed with the band as well as playing a soft and lyrical solo set at this year’s festival. According to our Woodford producer, Gemma, Rogers is “sarcastic and bitter at the same time, yet really sweet, and his music is hauntingly beautiful”. Charming older man.

Kim Churchill

In contrast to Tim Rogers, 19-year-old Kim Churchill rates a mention for his boyish looks and cheeky stage antics. The guitarist and songwriter had a swarm of young females cheering for him during his performance with Jeff Lang at this year’s Woodford. Well, we think they were cheering for him… Smooth surfer style.

Mike Rosenberg a.k.a Passenger (pictured)

With his agreeable accent, lovelorn lyrics and comical on-stage capers, this Brighton-born troubadour is a charmer with the ladies (and presumably gents). Whilst he claims to lack the charisma of Hugh Grant, Passenger – a.k.a. Mike Rosenberg – managed to tickle the fancy of the 4ZZZ team. British balladeer.

The 4ZZZ Woodford team wishes you a Happy New Year & hopes all your crush-related dreams come true in 2011!

Got your gumboots?

December 29, 2010

Mud and music are a match made in heaven, especially when it comes to Woodford.

Sure the past three days have been filled with bouts of torrential rain, but that hasn’t stopped festival goers from gathering en masse.

Perhaps the rain, mud and swampish campsites are a positive, as undercover music venues have become a place of warmth, solitude and (corny, but true) bonding.

Aside from the multitude of music offerings, the 2010/11 festival is packed with parades, workshops, dance parties and a bevy of new street performers (who you might be meeting in subsequent blog posts – shssh!).

Whether you’re celebrating with us, or on the other side of the country, 4ZZZ sends you Woodford-style love!

Island Vibes 2010 – Coalition Crew vs Kelly Gang

November 2, 2010

Coalition Crew are joined onstage by Georgia Potter

Early on Saturday at the Sunshine stage Coalition Crew got the crowd up and dancing despite the heat and the hangovers. The final number saw the stage filled with other Brisbane hip hop artists including Georgia Potter, Pesto and Apex for a massive joint effort.

Island Vibe 2010 – Tiger Lil wine and grind

November 1, 2010

Bribane's own Grinder Girl, Tiger Lil, does her thing for One Rude Ape's set

Island Vibe 2010 – I and urInal

November 1, 2010

All biodegradeable waste, human and otherwise is composted onsite

There is more to running a festival than booking bands and selling beer, and with such an eco-friendly focus on a very environmentally sensitive site it was fantastic to see the effort put into waste management. Recycling, rubbish and compost bins were well signed and prominent, even on the beach. The entire site was incredibly clean the whole time. This  simple yet effective  rasta themed urinal collected… Not sure what for. Maybe to bleach organic cotton to be dyed red, green and yellow for next year. Big up for the composters!

Island Vibe 2010 – Zenith replace Archie Roach

November 1, 2010

Indigenous reggae masters Zenith

Unfortunatlely the legendary Archie Roach was unable to attend having suffered a stroke in mid October. Festival goers were treated to Zenith who stepped in to take his spot. Hailing from Kuranda in FNQ, these extremely talented proponents of indigenous reggae have gained a well deserved reputation for killer performances at festivals all over the country.

Island Vibe 2010 – Saritah

November 1, 2010

Saritah wows the punters with her conscious roots sounds.

Island Vibe 2010 Sensational

November 1, 2010

Darky Roots doing their rootsy thing Friday night at the Big Top

The fifth Island Vibe Festival on Minjerribah (Stradbroke Island) was a resounding, bass heavy success. Possibly one of the most beautiful locations for a festival in Australia, Terrangee (Point Lookout) with its pristine beaches adjacent to the relatively small, intimate festival site made for a perfect combination of sun, surf, sand and sounds.


Island Vibe!

October 29, 2010

The 4ZZZ crew are heading on over to Straddie to record, blog and tweet all the hightlights of the Island Vibe Festival, just in case you can’t make it!