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May 1, 2009

By Kylie

What Would CJ Do? That is the question I often ask myself…and here’s a wee little interview with my favourite vegan punkrock dreamboat from 4ZZZ FM (Brisbane’s community radio station) to find out. And of course to tell us about the CD compilation of punk bands he is helping to put together as a benefit for the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. (more…)



December 13, 2008



There is never a dull moment when commentators Rollo and Jeay get on it on a thursday afternoon. If you tune your radio to 102.1fm at this time you can expect to hear the sounds of gruff aussie males talking about, well, bloke things. Porn was a major contender on this weeks show, however don’t be perterbed by the not quite G rated conent as these boys are definitely very entertaining. If you’re tired of listening to the CD’s in your car and you are stuck in traffic, Concept warning is for you. WARNING: Contains semi nudity. 

..A oddly large amount of semi nudity for a radio show, actually.  (more…)