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Activist Film Festival

June 11, 2011

By Kate Herrington

It is a lazy Sunday afternoon and a small crowd is gathered outside the debut of the Activist Film Festival. Walking into the Tribal Theatre foyer there is a beautiful, relaxed atmosphere as groups of patrons lounge and digest the Australian premiere of “The Green Wave” which just finished screening.

It soon becomes obvious that the heartbeat of this event is not only a hand picked selection of highly acclaimed films, but art and music too. On a small stage Jason Lowe strums his acoustic guitar as graffiti proudly displays striking images of Gandhi, John Lennon and Martin Luther King. Festival director Coleman explains that these images were created and donated by Billabong designer, intended to promote “activism” with messages of peace.

The festival has run 100% off donations and volunteers, and as I wait to watch the unbelievable story of “If A Tree Falls”, I am excited to see that the theatre looks sold out. Before the screening, Coleman talks about his passion to see the word “activism” up in lights, and expresses his shock and excitement that this event is the first of its kind, but I find this hard to swallow.

Brisbane has a strong collection of activist groups who provide the community with inspiring film, music and art events. Perhaps then, the festival is the first to show work under the diverse umbrella “activism” in such a mainstream, accessible way.

As I leave the cinema, it is inspiring to hear people from all over Australia passionately talking and networking together. One can only hope they are plotting the next event which will continue to put “activism” in such a positive light before the Activist Film Festival returns next year.

After popular demand, a $10 re-screening of “If a Tree Falls” and “The Green Wave” will be held on 25th June. These films have to be seen, and they cannot be downloaded… see you there!