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Sleeping Beauty

July 1, 2011

The Australian drama Sleeping Beauty promises so much. I watched the trailer over and over again hoping to discover what story lurks behind it’s provoking title and bleak frames.

The story follows young Lucy, a uni student in need of cash, who finds herself working as a “sleeping beauty”. In this job she is willingly drugged and clients are allowed to spend a night in her unconscious presence.

For a film based on such a taboo topic, the most disturbing part is that I am walking out of the cinema without being emotionally effected at all. It has been suggested that this was a deliberate decision made by director Julia Leigh, however I can’t help but feel disappointed that a film with such taboo content is devoid of any social commentary.

The film was beautifully cast, and it’s intriguing miserable visuals unfold at a haunting pace, but sadly for such a promising concept, I have nothing more to write about.